What does the city of Phoenix think of Kirk Gibson?

I have been following the gang at Ballpark Chasers for the last few months as we contemplate taking our own bucket list ballpark road trip this summer. One of the chasers, Douglas 'Chuck' Booth, currently holds the world record for hitting all 30 ballparks in 24 days during the 2009 season. He is attempting a new record this year, to hit all 30 MLB ballparks in just 20 days, meaning that for half of his trip (10 days), he will attempt to see games in two stadiums in a single day (day game at Petco, then night game in Anaheim). Crazy? Yes, I think so!!

But that aside, Chuck is interviewing fans in each MLB city to gather opinions and advice about their local team/ballpark to include in the stadium reviews on his blog: Fastest Thirty Ballgames and on MLB Reports. He plans to publish his report on Chase on April 22 when he arrives in Phoenix to catch the Diamondbacks. He sent me a few questions that I could really use YOUR help answering:

  • What does the organization do that makes people feel so welcome at Chase? A winning team seem obvious, as do affordable tickets & concessions. But I also appreciate the way Derrick Hall engages fans through Facebook, Twitter and at the ballpark, how the team provides opportunities to interact with the players (fanfest), and the positive customer focused culture & staff. What stands out to you?
  • Chase is one of the hardest parks to take photos in because of the glare of indoor lighting, what are your thoughts? Has anyone else experienced problems with this? I haven't myself...
  • What is your advice for somebody experiencing Chase Field for the first time? Take the tour, watch the roof open, get there early for BP, jump in the pool... ?
  • What is your favorite mode of transportation to Chase? Light Rail of course!
  • What is the food like at Chase? What is your favorite? I am not a ballpark food expert, I usually just bring my own bag of peanuts, buy a lite beer with ice in it, and sometimes get a hot dog, Fat Burger or orange chicken & noodle meal from Panda. What are your favorites?
  • Kirk Gibson is one of my favorite players of all time, please tell us what the city of Phoenix thinks of their manager these days coming off a division title? I think most have pretty much fallen in love with him, admire him, respect him and thank him for his role in turning the team around. Some may even fear him (cause you know, Gibby is watching...) What do YOU think of him?

I need to get answers back to him in the next day or two and appreciate your thoughts & insight

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