"What if" from a Mets fan

What up? I hail from Amazin Avenue. We just had our Offseason Plan contest, where a bunch of people post what they would do if they were the Mets GM. Quite a few people expressed an interest in acquiring Justin Upton. This resulted in a bit of a disagreement over the fairness of certain trade offers that were proposed. I was curious as to what you guys might think about it; figured you'd be the perfect judges. So if you've got a moment, please continue reading.

So: you're the D-Backs GM (lucky bastard). Some batshit crazy Mets fan comes up to you and puts a gun to your head. Says you have to trade Justin Upton to the Mets. Gives you a choice between two packages of players to accept. Do you choose:

Package 1: Jon Niese, Wilmer Flores, Wilfredo Tovar, Jefry Marte


Package 2: Daniel Murphy, Mike Pelfrey, Jeurys Familia, Brandon Nimmo, Luis Mateo

Here's a bit of information on each player, in case y'all don't know any of them.

Niese: 26 year old lefty pitcher who had a breakout year in 2012; should be a solid #3 at the very least going forward; has a very team-friendly contract.

Flores: 21 year old B level third base prospect.; legitimate hitting tools; defense somewhat suspect; should be ready for the show sometime in 2013; 76th on midseason top 120 prospect list by Sickels.

Tovar: 21 year old C/C+ level shortstop prospect in Double A; legit glove, questionable hitting tools.

Marte: 21 year old C+/B- level first/third base prospect in Double (maybe Triple) A ; honorable mention on midseason top 120 prospect list.

Murphy: 28 year old lefty hitter; can play first, second, or third; good hitter, but not a ton of power; free agent after 2015 season.

Pelfrey: 29 year old veteran starter; alternates between capable and mediocre, but a reliable innings eater; had Tommy John surgery, won't be ready to start the season; Mets will probably non-tender him, meaning you could just wait and sign him as a free agent if you really wanted him.

Nimmo: 20 year old B-/B level outfield prospect in Low A; very solid tools, has yet to really translate them into stats; 96th on the midseason top 120 prospect list..

Familia: 23 year old B-/B pitching prospect in Triple A; profiles more as a reliever, but potentially a very good one; needs to learn to throw strikes; 98th on the midseason top 120 prospect list.

Mateo: 22 year old pitching prospect (not sure what grade he'd get) in Single A (could be Low A, but I'm assuming he'll skip a level); had a terrific year in short season A ball; some question whether he'll be a starter or reliever.

I realize that under normal circumstances, you probably wouldn't accept either trade. But remember, some crazy ass Met fan's got a gun to your head. Great as Upton is, he's probably not worth dying over. So choose, if you would be so kind.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving and all that.

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