Diamondbacks 5, Giants 2: Just like Beggars Canyon back home

[Though Star Wars Day started off well, it turned nasty in the later innings...]
Record: 93-66. Pace: 95-67. Change on last season:+29.

After two impressive and important wins ,I wasn't expecting too much from this game.I thought with Gibson resting players we might in fact not do too much against Lincecum but I was wrong...

Collmenter pretty much started how he meant to go on with 3 swift outs. Lincecum then proceeded to walk Hill, hit Upton right on the bill of his helmet ,and give up a 2 run double to Montero. Upton felt nauseated running the bases and was taken out as a precaution but that threw a damper on the game. He was replaced by Gillespie at LF and Parra went to RF. .

Nothing happened for the next two innings with both pitchers trading outs. The foirth got interesting when Collmenter decided to load the bases by walking Pill, after Torres got on board with a bunt and went to third on Keppinger's hit, but like a veteran X wing pilot,he kept his nerve and got out of it. Lincecum then gave up a double to Goldscmidt, ruefully smiling as he knew Goldy has his number. Blum got him to third and Cowgill sent him home with a fine double.

Collmenter again went for three swift outs. However the bottom of the 5th was full of incident. Parra singled to centre, then stole second on a slightly  dubious call which brought Bochy out to argue and get tossed. Far from inspiring the troops, Lincecum then did his best to choke the catcher with a ball to the throat, though I suspected it was aimed at the umpire. Hill hit a ground rule double, to score one; Gillespie walked; Miggy loaded the bases and Blum had a productive out by getting Hill home.

In the sixth Josh apparently turned off his targeting computer and gave up 2 solo home runs but got out without any other damage, with help from a great play by Hill. Lincecum was replaced by Ramirez who sent down the side in order. In the 7th both teams got players on base but no-one scored. Then Hernandez came in. Though Beltran got an infield hit, after a peculiar at bat by Torres [who was out at first after getting confused about where the ball was], ,the score stayed the same.Castilla gave up a double but the D'backs could not do anything with it.

Then, it was up to Putz who did what he does and we swept the Giants.

[Click to enlarge, at]
Luke Skywalker: Josh Collmenter, +27.5%
Han Solo: Miguel Montero, +14.7%
Jar-Jar Binks: John McDonald, -4.4%

GDT was a bit flat mostly because many regulars were at the Snakepit Fest which is why you've had to put up with me pinch hitting but also we were all concerned about the nasty blow to Upton's head and it's consequences.

[Jim] NASCARbernet led the roll-call with hotclaws and Rockkstarr12 on the podium as well. Also taking part: Dan Strittmatter, dbacks25, Stile4aly, JustAJ, Bcawz, The so-called Beautiful, blue bulldog, 4 Corners Fan, Majabe, luckycc, Ben Skehan, BulldogsNotZags, asteroid, Clefo, unnamedDBacksfan, rfffr, azshadowwalker, VouxCroux, imstillhungry95, nateasaurus, njjohn and diamondfacts. Thanks to hotclaws for the stand-by recap; any last thoughts such as, oh, a Comment of the Day?

COTD has to be this replying to a poster as to why the thread was so quiet.

We're busy using The Force to attempt to choke Tim Lincecum

by Stile4aly on Sep 25, 2011 6:29 PM EDT up reply   Unrec? 4

So Josh goes 10-10 on a short season, Lincecum has a losing record and the D'backs go onward and upward.


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