Fan Experience: Wave Replacement Brainstorming

I'm not a big fan of the Wave, sure, sometimes I may flutter my non-beer hand up in the air when it passes, but not if there is anything happening on the field. But I can see the allure of the wave - fans WANT to be involved, they WANT to cheer on the team, they WANT to rally when we are behind.

So lets try to come up with something better and different than the Wave [1]

Here are just a few goofy ideas to get the brainstorming started:

Songs & Chants: Think back to when you were a kid playing Little League (or in my case, Little Miss Softball), how the players and fans to chatter to rally their team, or scare the opponents. In England, football [soccer] fans sing en-mass to show support for their team [Glory, Glory Man United] .

Can anyone come up with a good song or chant for the Diamondbacks, possibly re-wording the lyrics to personalize it a bit? We would have to get extremely loud cheering guy who sits just above the Dbacks Dugout to initiate it, but I think its possible...

  • Loud Fan: "WHO let the snakes out?"
    the rest: "WHO, WHO, WHO"
  • "Keep on Rock'n Me" (Steve Miller Band): "Let's go from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta, hey, hey..."
  • Oh When the Saints Snakes, Go Marching In...
  • OR, could you imagine hearing 20,000+ fans "hissing".. it might be quite eerie and intimidating when the opposing team takes the field, or their star batter steps up to the plate

Bands, Balloons and Beer Snakes: Gosh, about 10 years ago, I went to a baseball game in Japan (The Osaka Buffalo's) and found the fans completely mad. The fans had a marching sitting band set up in the outfield bleachers, and when they played between innings, the entire crowd stood up, sang along and released snaky looking balloons into the stands:


Another one from England is the dreaded Beer Snake, although I am not sure team management would allow something like this slithering through the stands:


Got any other ideas for our fans to express themselves without getting soaked by the wave?


[1] let me qualify the request: it has to be something that doesn't require high pitched shrieks from the Rally Backs... but more on that and the general in-game fan experience in another post to follow soon!

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