D'Backs 0, Braves 1: Runner on Third and less then 2 Outs..Twice.. Can't Capitalize

Record: 69-58. Pace: 88-74. Change on last season: +20

Its been no secret on this current road trip that the offensive has been very unproductive. Collectively the offense is hitting well under .200, the first base combo of Overbay and Goldschmidt carried what little offensive production in Philadelphia, and the offense has been downright offensive in Atlanta this weekend. Sunday Brunch Game today, maybe they'll turn things around today. Interesting lineup to say the least for today's game, Upton Sits, Young batting third (?!?!), and fan favorite Sean Burroughs batting sixth. Stay with me after the jump to see if things turned out well.

Josh Collmenter toed the hill today looking to build on his recent stretch of quality starts. Most recently striking out a 8 Philadelphia Phillies while keeping the D'Backs within in striking distance of the Phils. The D'backs version of the tomahawk promptly retired the side in the first inning, and as well in the second, navigating a lead off single by Uggla. Then in the third inning as Collmenter was just settling into cruise control, fluttered his patented change up right down the middle for Gonzalez to hammer rather deep into the left field bleachers for a solo blast (I had the audacity to comment on how well Collmenter had looked in the first two innings in the GDT). Collmenter was fabulous again, crusing through the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings respectively.

Then in the seventh, Collmenter walked the PITCHER to start the inning, and promptly was on third after a Prado double. Runners on third and second with one out and it wasn't looking good as the middle of the order was up. After intentionally walking McCann, loading the bases for Uggla. Uggla, promptly hit a routine fly ball to center, in something that cannot be referred to as routine, Parrazooka sprinted over to handle the tag situation for Chris Young (who literally did not have to move a whole lot to catch the ball). Parrazooka uncoiled a laser to home, but it was slightly offline, but with the pitcher running and when your nickname is Parrazooka, Hudson stayed put. Collmenter then got ROY candidate Freeman to hit a week pop up to Cowgill to end the threat. 

Speaking of Hudson, he was alright. Seven innings, three hits, three walks, and seven strikeouts and no runs allowed. He really did cruise through his outing outside of one inning. After a lead off triple by Johnson, things were looking up for the D'Backs offense. Up comes Bloomfield, who just need to make contact, just not a dribbler right at the drawn in infield. That brought up Chris Young to pick up an easy RBI and tie the game. After a lazy linedrive/pop up to freeman in foul territory, Kelly Johnson decided to tag and force Freeman to make a halfway decent throw to throw him out and Freeman indeed threw a halfway decent ball to home for McCann to tag out the sliding Johnson. Interesting call of tagging, in retrospect probably should of stayed and hope for Montero to pick up the team with a knock. 

Then in the ninth, it seems we have Kimbrel's number a bit so far, stole a game from him earlier this season, and put him on pins and needles his last outing. So up comes Bloomquist looking to get things started on a postive note.. strikeout. Young put together a nice at bat and drew a walk. Montero fought off the first pitch for a single to center. On the play, Young scampered all the way to third with just one out. Up comes Goldschmidt with a chance to add to his growing legend. Kimbrel made quick work of him carving him up for a strikeout, hopefully that doesn't become the legend he is remembered for. Down to our last hope, we send up Burroughs for our last gap. Burroughs a good contact hitter, who showed a nice approach his last at bat, put some faith into me at least that he might have something special up his sleeve to add another crazy moment to the D'Backs season, but alas he struck out ending the threat and the game. 

[Click to enlarge at]
Conan the Barbarian: Josh Collmenter, +19.9%
Caesar: Miguel Montero, +18.7%
Evil Ed: Paul Goldschmidt, -33.2%

Smurfs: Bloomquist, -19.1%; Burroughs, -18.1%; Cowgill, -10.5%

Well that makes four consecutive games lost, but still may maintain a 2 1/2 game lead on the Giants who are deadlocked late with the Astros at time of writing. Also, that makes three or four consecutive losses as me as the guest recapper... [There still seems to be something up with the roll-call tool, which is reporting 177 comments - less than a third of the actual total. So no roll-call today, until technical support i.e. 'charmer fixes it!]

Comment of the day goes to...not too many green comments. 

Doesn't Kimbrel resemble spider man "Camilo Villegas"

in a strange way?


Amusing post that got a chuckle out of me by AZDBACKR

Watching the Championship Theatre thats on after the game. How about that bench clearing? One of the more exciting ones. Impressive speed by Danny Bautista from right field to home plate to get brawlin'

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