Diamondbacks 2, A's 7: Power Nap Nightmare

Record: 45-40. Pace: 86-76. Change on last season: +13

I was thoroughly enjoying my mid afternoon nap on the couch, when I was awakened to hear groans from my father. In a matter of a 15 minute power nap the Diamondbacks had fallen behind by six runs. A not so cheery ending to an otherwise perfect power nap. [The power nap is vastly underrated on a side note. Try one sometime.] More on the not so cheery subject after the jump.

I was looking forward to this match up for several days now. Hadn't watched this Gio Gonzalez fellow pitch and heard he was a pretty solid lefty with good strikeout numbers. His first inning, was exactly what I had expected: iffy control at times but otherwise strikeout stuff - just ask Willie and Kelly. I was also really looking forward to Kennedy's start today, fresh off his initial snubbing of the All-Star Roster. After a one out double in the first, Kennedy settled in and pitched like an ace for the first three innings. Gonzalez matched him: oh, who doesn't love a pitcher's duel.

The Diamondbacks struck first in the fourth. After a lead off double by National League doubles leader Chris Young, things were looking promising, but those hopes were quickly dashed by ground outs by Stephen Drew and Wily Mo. Up came Xavier "Clutch" Nady (I tried to do find his average with RISP, but after a quick glance found nothing off of google) and promptly singles up the middle driving in Young. In the ongoing Nady or Miranda debate, I still have a fondness for Nady since he drives in runs and gets hits (I'm looking at you Miranda, 3 for your past 34 with 1 RBI). [Jim: Nady came in hitting 10-for-44 this year with RISP, a .227 average]

Out came Kennedy for the quick shutdown inning! But alas, after getting two big outs after allowing two singles (one was a beautiful bunt by your favorite breakfast cereal) to start the inning, DeJesus plated both the runners with a double to right center. Sadly, Gio Gonzalez pitched like the All-Star this afternoon, quickly setting the Diamondbacks down in order. Kennedy did manage another scoreless frame in the fifth to keep his team in the game.

Got a little sleepy here and slept through the action: basing this off the play by play, I was glad I was asleep. After a lead off single by former (brief) prospect Chris Carter, former D'Back Conor "Cojack" Jackson went yard, which must have been very satisfying against your former team. After a walk by DeJesus and a single by Pennington moving DeJesus to third. DeJesus was then driven in on a sacrifice fly by frosted mini-Weeks (get it?). Then Sizemore decided to go yard and end the nightmare that was my nap and the sixth inning.

Micah came in to finish the inning and pitch another scoreless frame out of the bullpen. He really has been doing a nice job out of there lately. With Collmenter and Duke pitching the way they are these days, he surely must be in the discussion to get in the starting rotation, along with Enright, Corbin, and possibly Miley with his promotion to AAA.

The D'Backs did manage to load the bases with no outs in the eighth inning, bringing up Wily Mo. So either a grand slam or a strikeout was coming! ..strike out. Then Nady decides to disprove my above point about him being a clutch hitter with RISP. Burroughs, pinch hitting for Roberts, was hitting .412 in AAA (I just can't imagine what Roberts numbers would be down there in Reno this year if he were down there). I just cannot fathom how that happens but its the PCL apparently; he did manage to single scoring Justin Upton, and not Chris Young who looked rather perplexed after running into home not sliding and being tagged out. It's hard to know what really happened on the field but it wasn't pretty.

Alas, the D'backs lost the game and the series to boot. Rough stretch here, hopefully they can get something positive going into the break.

[Click to enlarge at]
Spartacus: Xavier Nady, +8.0%
Lion treat: Ian Kennedy, -28.9%
Nameless jobber, already in the ring: Wily Mo Pena
: -16.8%

'Skins was the only one to crack three figures, with Clefo the only other over fifty, and jinnah completing the podium sports. Also taking part: 4 Corners Fan, kishi, Rockkstarr12, hotclaws, marionette, BulldogsNotZags, txzona, Dallas D'Back Fan, Jim McLennan, Bcawz, justin1985, shoewizard, emilylovesthedbacks, IHateSouthBend, NASCARbernet, dbacks25, BattleMoses, Husk, xmet, Backin'the'Backs, Bryan J. Boltik, Jdub220, J.J. Miller, DiamondbacksWIn, piratedan7 and rfffr.

Quiet game day thread today, this one gave me a chuckle though

What's the difference betwen the Coliseum in Oakland and the Coliseum in Rome?

One is a crumbling, antiquated structure that has been the scene of horrific slaughters, the other is a building in Rome.

The Flavian Arts and Crafts Festival Amphitheater in Rome from the Palatine Hill.

by NASCARbernet on Jul 3, 2011 3:11 PM PDT reply actions   3 recs

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