A podcast?

In the offseason there was talk of possibly starting a podcast. I would love nothing more than to see this site launch a podcast. Now, admittedly, I'm biased as a non-AZ resident and not having access to AZ radio. But having just spent 3 weeks back in Tucson and Phoenix I know you all can't be satisfied with what passes as Diamondbacks talk on the AM dial. I have no doubt the folks here can put out a superior product than what is on the radio.

Further, as a podcast junkie I'm acutely aware of the lack of podcasts available for D-Backs talk. Just plug in "diamondbacks" or "arizona diamondbacks" in the search bar at iTunes and you'll find 2009 podcasts in the top 3 of the results. There would be zero competition if a podcast was launched. 

We all know that there are more than enough strong contributors to this site who could deliver not just an informed, but fun weekly podcast on our boys. After the jump are a few of my recommendations for what might make a strong show...

1) Make it informed: so much of the drivel that passes as sports talk these days shoots to the lowest possible denominator. Don't be afraid to speak to a more intelligent audience.

2) Be educators: you can be informed without eliminating the casual fan. Most fans don't know what WAR is, much less the difference between bWAR and fWAR. People love learning, so don't be afraid to teach.

3) Be consistent: you lose an audience quickly if you don't broadcast regularly. It doesn't have to be that frequent (once a week is plenty), but it does have to be consistent.

4) Don't be too interview heavy: I know that there are folks on this site who have a fair amount of access with players and management, but the strongest shows rely on the hosts and not the interviews.

5) Limit the voices: there are a ton of folks on this site who could make great contributions to a podcast. Get them involved. But not all at once. There's nothing worse than listening to a podcast with 5, 6 people on the line. You can't follow who's who, and no one gets to develop a voice. Stick with two or three people per podcast.

6) Have fun. There will be times (like now) where things look bleak. What keeps me coming back to my favorite podcasts are the personalities of the hosts. Baseball is a game. Have fun with it.  

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