Is there such thing as a Home Team Disadvantage?


Is it possible that a batter's stats are impacted by "lost at bat opportunities" when their team wins a higher than average percentage of home games before finishing the bottom of the 9th ?

From my hodgepodge calculations, the Diamondbacks have played 46 home games (through July 18), with exactly half ending before completing three outs in the bottom of the 9th. Of those 23 home games, 20 ended in the middle of the 9th, one ended with a single out in the bottom of the 9th, and two ended with two outs in the 9th. This adds up to a whopping 64 outs worth of missed batting opportunities.  On the flip side, the Dbacks gained 4 outs when home games went into extra innings (which were all won with only a single out in the 10th).

If you net these out, the Dbacks have "missed" batting in 60 innings -- the equivalent of 2 games + 2 innings.  

Mind you, I would take the wins at home even if they meant fewer batting opportunities for the guys to reach whatever milestones they are striving for. But I am curious:

  1. Do the lost "at bat opportunities" just sort of even themselves out across the league? Or do players on teams with the highest wins at home (Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington) get penalized in their batting stats by playing by playing fewer innings at home? 
  2. And what about a team like Houston who have won only 15 home games yet hold the third highest AB count in the NL? Are the team's batting stats improved by having played so many more innings?
  3. I am aware of the AB/HR stat comparing Home Runs to At Bats, but do pro-rated stats exist based on a player's innings played (something along the lines of a pitcher's ERA)?

Hoping one of the many SnakePit stat wizards can set me straight on this. And apologies in advance if I've made any gross assumptions or errors in my calculations.

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