Do the DBacks target good hitting pitchers?

This seems like a good time to ask in the wake of Hudson's big day but I was playing with Fangraphs and noticed that the DBacks seem to have had a lot of good hitting pitchers lately.


- I set the criteria at min 20 PA since 2009 to eliminate all the relievers who have gone 1-1.

- There are 153 pitchers that have 20 PA since 2009.

- This includes pitchers' numbers with all teams, not just DBAcks

- I didn't include Mike Hampton since the DBacks got him as a reliever but know that he is near the top of all these lists as well. If you wish to include him, add 1 more to almost all these lists.

- Hudson's numbers are not updated yet to include today's performance so he has moved up all these lists.

Here are some observations:

- RBI - DBacks are 5 of the top 21 - Dan Haren, Daniel Hudson, Micah Owings, Zach Duke, Barry Enright

- HR - there are only 12 pitchers with multiple HRs over that time & 3 have been DBacks - Owings, Haren, Duke

- OPS - 5 of the top 11 - Haren, Owings, Hudson,Billy Buckner, Enright

- ISO - 6 of the top 22 - Owings, Haren, enright, Duke, Buckner, Hudson. I mostly included this to include Owings' ridiculous .240 ISO. That's almost 70 points higher than number 2, Yovani Gallardo.

- WAR -looking at more advanced stats, using WAR, the DBacks have had 4 of the top 20 (Haren, Owings, Hudson & Duke) and 8 of the top 35 (Ian Kennedy, Max Scherzer, Enright, Jon Garland). Yes, Hudson is already in the top 15 despite havein fewer PAs than anyone in the top 20. After today, he is no doubt in the top 10, maybe top 5

- wRC+ - DBacks are 5 of the top 12 - Haren, Owings, Buckner, Hudson, Enright

- WPA - it doesn't end there. DBacks pitchers have been clutch too.  They have 6 of the top 20 (Buckner, Owings, Enright, Hudson, Josh Collmenter, Haren) with Owings & Buckner having 2 of the only 3 positive WPAs over that time (Hampton is the other)

It's also worth noting that not included here are former DBacks Livan Hernandez who pre-dates this particular time period but is also all over these lists and Dontrelle Willis who was a tremendous hitter at one time but he is not on any of these lists and was a reliever for the DBacks anyway.

Not sure what it all means but like I said, was just poking around and noticed that the lists are full of recent DBacks.

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