MLB Draft Day Two Thread

Details and such for day two of the excitement are all after the jump.

Plenty of prime talent still left in the draft, particularly at the catcher position - rumored to be a point of focus for the D-backs - with Andrew Susac and Austin Hedges both still on the board.  There's still a ton of awesome pitching available if we're looking for more, including Anthony Meo (EDIT: Ha!), who could make a heck of a reliever if a team wanted to fast-track him, Daniel Norris, and Josh Osich.

Let's review the draft order, which will remain the same for rounds 3 & 4-50.

1 - Pittsburgh
2 - Seattle
3 - Arizona
4 - Baltimore
5 - Kansas City
6 - Washington - Will be given to Philadelphia in 2nd round as compensation for signing Jayson Werth
7 - Cleveland
8 - Chicago Cubs
9 - Houston
10 - Milwaukee
11 - New York Mets
12 - Florida
13 - L.A. Dodgers
14 - L.A. Angels - Will be given to Toronto in 2nd round as compensation for signing Scott Downs
15 - Oakland - Will be given to Tampa Bay in 2nd round as compensation for signing Grant Balfour
16 - Detroit
17 - Colorado
18 - Toronto
19 - St. Louis
20 - Chicago White Sox
21 - Boston
22 - San Diego
23 - Texas
24 - Cincinnati
25 - Atlanta
26 - San Francisco
27 - Minnesota
28 - Yankees
29 - Tampa Bay
30 - Philadelphia

Remaining compensation picks:

3/4 Sandwich Round - Mariners, 121st overall.

Extremely excited to see what else this team can add to its farm system on day two of the draft.  In a draft this big, the second round pick will almost certainly be a top-20 prospect in the system, and picks from the third round and even beyond may very well find themselves in that mix as well.

Arizona day two picks:

2 (63) - RHP Anthony Meo, Coastal Carolina
3 (93) - CF Justin Bianco, Peters Township HS (Pennsylvania)
4 (124) - RHP Evan Marshall, Kansas State
5 (154) - C Michael Perez, Colegio Vocacional Para Adultos (HS)
6 (184) - RHP Matt Price, South Carolina
7 (214) - CF Ben Roberts, Sentinel HS (Montana)
8 (244) - RHP Jesse Darrah, Fresno Pacific University
9 (274) - SS John Leonard, Connellsville Area School (Pennsylvania)
10 (304) - RHP Kyle Winkler, Texas Christian University
11 (334) - LHP William Locante, Cumberland University
12 (364) - SS Joshua Parr, University of Illinois
13 (394) - LHP John Pedrotty, College of the Holy Cross
14 (424) - RHP Cody Geyer, Walters State CC
15 (454) - C Steven Rodriguez, UCLA
16 (484) - LHP Michael Blake, University of Hawaii
17 (514) - LHP Adam Choplick, Billy Ryan HS (Texas)
18 (544) - LHP Taylor Siemens, California Baptist University
19 (574) - 2B Danny Pulfer, University of Oregon
20 (604) - SS Tommy Williams, Palm Beach Gardens HS (California)
21 (634) - 1B John Griffin, University of Central Florida
22 (664) - SS Garrett Weber, Fresno State University
23 (694) - 3B Ryan Court, Illinois State
24 (724) - RHP Matt Ogden, Smoky Hill HS (Colorado)
25 (754) - OF George Williams, North Carolina State
26 (784) - RHP Austin Platt, No School
27 (814) - RHP Wyatt Strahan, Villa Park HS (California)
28 (844) - RHP Truman Sample, Rogers State
29 (874) - 3B Carter Bell, Oregon State
30 (904) - RHP Dexter Price, University of South Carolina Beaufort

Day two is finally finished.  A good looking group of prospects today, particularly in the earlier rounds (when I kind of know who the guys are).  Will have a post up wrapping up the day sometime this evening.

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