Diamondbacks 3, Tigers 8: Everyone Loves a Good Ol' Fashioned Pitchers Duel... AKLJDFKJLDS

Record: 43-36. Pace: 88-74. Change on last season: +12

This start time is my absolute favorite. Roll out of bed, turn on the Diamondbacks, and watch seven plus innings of quality baseball. Forgetting this game would be much easier if I did not have to sit here and talk about said IMPLOSION. Read if you must, after the jump..

Gibson trotted out a lineup that I was pleased with on a Sunday afternoon, but that was promptly washed away with the Dbacks swinging early and often and making quick and easy outs for Brad Penny. This more or less continued for the first five innings before the offense decided to have just a slight pulse. Justin Upton and Ryan Roberts were the only ones to contribute singles and both were rather interesting. Upton got lightheaded of some sorts (I'm sure he'll be questioned after the game on what exactly had taken place) and Roberts decided to not run into an out on the base paths [he was seen in the dugout attributing it to slipping...].

We had by far our favorite member of the rotation (maybe just maybe thinking that during the seventh inning?) Joe Saunders on the mound. Outside of getting squeezed by the umpire, which really did result in Peralta being able to take Saunders yard in the second, he was borderline dominant, striking out one short of a career high and only walking one. With that ratio of his always being criticized, he sported a sparkling 8:1 K:BB figure this afternoon. My personal favorite was his strikeout in the eighth inning with a beautiful curve to Peralta (on a full count no less) and a little strut after. Nice to see and he looked to be on his way to a win after a lovely top of the seventh inning.

After a promising lead off double by Young, a nice piece of hitting by Montero drove in Young, to bring the game to a tie. I had an image in my head of Wily Mo hitting another massive home run to put this thing to bed, but was sadly let down. Parra followed with a single, as well as Roberts, giving the Dbacks a 2-1 lead. Ah! Gotta love the old fashion pitcher's duel. The d backs brought in Hernandez and Putz to close out the last two innings and all was well in the world.

But alas, we brought in Heilman who didn't really do that bad... But Hernandez came in and really made us wonder if we should have let Heilman clean up his own mess or wonder why Heilman was even in during a high leverage situation. The late walks tend to score. And it did. Giving up six straight hits also tends to put up quite a few runs on the board as well... Shaw was brought in and promptly continued the shellacking, bringing back nightmares of a season before, and that was that. The bullpen imploded. 

[Click to enlarge, at]
The 2001 D-backs: Joe Saunders, +26.1%
The 2007 D-backs: Montero, +22.3%; Roberts, +16.3%
The 2004 D-backs: David Hernandez, -68.5%
The 2010 D-backs: Pena, -22.3%; Nady, -13.5%; Drew -10.4%

NASCARbernet, blue bulldog and snakecharmer topped the board, with a little below 900 comments in total. No-one in three figures, but a healthy nine at forty or more. Also present: soco, kishi, Clefo, Rockkstarr12, AZDBACKR, hotclaws, iheartdbacks, piratedan7, Dallas D'Back Fan, pygalgia, emilylovesthedbacks, xmet, JoeCB1991, Zephon, txzona, Backin'the'Backs, Bryan J. Boltik, 4 Corners Fan, Jim McLennan, marionette, rfffr, BulldogsNotZags, oldspartan, Zavada's Moustache, Gibbysdad, DiamondbacksWIn, The Goat, egboyz, Coach Cleats, Husk, Scottyyy, Skii and dbacks25.

The Thread picked up as the action did late, no green comments, but this comment gave me a good chuckle, in response to a question, "Where does one go to shop for a decent set of umpires?"

I'm not sure

But Wal-Mart isn’t cutting it anymore for the MLB.

Wagner Mateo's 2011 Stats: 4 Games, .176 AVG, 1 HRs, 1 RBIs, 2 Runs Scored, 3 BBs, 11 Ks

by Bryan J. Boltik on Jun 26, 2011 10:57 AM PDT up reply actions  

[Jim: there were actually some greenies to be found post-refresh, the most rec'd of which being this one from piratedan]

strange fact

according to mlb gameday, Willie Bloomquist has hot zones

by piratedan7 on Jun 26, 2011 11:07 AM MST reply actions   3 recs

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