2011 Draft: Who Signed What?

Archie Bradley supports senior citizenship

Updated: 08-16-11

Still waiting for any late breaking news to trickle in but in the meantime it looks like our 2011 draft has been finalized. The D-backs have officially signed 39 of their 52 draft picks.

We'll be updating the table as notable happenings happen. Until then, here is what the D-backs have accomplished so far. For players already signed, clicking on their name will reveal where they have been assigned, although some picks will most likely take time for transition. Additional links will be provided once the source is updated.

Update: 06-14-11 -The D-backs have now agreed to terms with 30 of their 52 draft selections, including four Top-10 picks. They added seven new additions in Justin Bianco (3rd round), Cody Geyer (14th round), Steven Rodriguez (15th round), Michael Blake (16th round), Carter Bell (29th round), Zach Jones (34th round), and Tyler Bream (42nd round). - per today's Diamondbacks Press Release

Update: 07-14-11 - Jacob Williams signs...

Update: 07-25-11 - The D-backs have inked Trevor Bauer to a four-year, $7M contract. More information and initial reaction can be found here.

Update: 08-14-11 - The Winkler is in! Official release can be found here.

Update: 08-16-11 - It went down to the final hours/minutes/seconds/sand drops (thanks, Bud Selig!) but we got the all the major picks we hoped for. Archie Bradley, Andrew Chafin, Anthony Meo, Michael Perez, and Will Locante all signed, most of which were above slot. Here's the official press release; Initial Snakepit reaction can be found here.

Round Pick Position Player Age* School Signed?
1 3 RHP Trevor Bauer 20 UCLA Y
1 7 RHP Archie Bradley 18 Broken Arrow Sr HS, OK
1s 43 LHP Andrew Chafin 21 Kent State
2 63 RHP Anthony Meo 21 Coastal Carolina
3 93 OF Justin Bianco 18 Peters Township HS, McMurray, Penn. Y
4 124 RHP Evan Marshall 21 Kansas State University Y
5 154 C Michael Perez 18 Colegio Vocacional Para Adultos HS, San Juan, PR Y
6 184 RHP Matt Price 21 South Carolina University N
7 214 OF Ben Roberts 18 Sentinel HS, Missoula, Mont. N
8 244 RHP Jesse Darrah 21 Fresno Pacific University Y
9 274 SS John Leonard 18 Connellsville Area Senior HS, Connellsville, Penn. Y
10 304 RHP Kyle Winkler 20 Texas Christian University Y
11 334 LHP Will Locante 21 Cumberland University Y
12 364 SS Joshua Parr 21 University of Illinois Y
13 394 LHP John Pedrotty 21 College of the Holy Cross Y
14 424 RHP Cody Geyer 19 Walters State CC, Morristown, Tenn. Y
15 454 C Steven Rodriguez 21 UCLA Y
16 484 LHP Michael Blake 20 University of Hawaii Y
17 514 LHP Adam Choplick 18 Billy Ryan HS, Denton, Texas N
18 544 LHP Taylor Siemens 21 California Baptist University Y
19 574 INF Danny Pulfer 21 University of Oregon Y
20 604 INF Tommy Williams 18 Palm Beach Gardens HS, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. N
21 634 INF Jonathan Griffin 22 University of Central Florida Y
22 664 INF Garrett Weber 22 Fresno State University Y
23 694 INF Ryan Court 23 Illinois State University Y
24 724 RHP Matt Ogden 18 Smoky Hill HS, Aurora, Colo. N
25 754 OF Brett Williams 20 North Carolina State University N
26 784 RHP Austin Platt 19 No School Y
27 814 RHP Wyatt Strahan 18 Villa Park HS, Villa Park, Calif. N
28 844 RHP Matt Sample 22 Rogers State University Y
29 874 INF Carter Bell 20 Oregon State University Y
30 904 RHP Dexter Price 20 University of South Carolina Beaufort Y
31 934 INF Matt Jensen 21 Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo Y
32 964 RHP Alex Vetter 19 Feather River College N
33 994 LHP Anthony Banda 17 Sinton HS, Sinton, Texas N
34 1024 C Zachary Jones 22 Stanford University Y
35 1054 RHP Ross Gerdeman 21 Bowling Green State University Y
36 1084 C Bryan Henry 21 Keystone College Y
37 1114 LHP Elroy Urbina 21 University of the Incarnate Word Y
38 1144 OF Kerry "Freeman" Jenkins 22 San Jose State University Y
39 1174 OF Chris Ellison 22 University of Oklahoma Y
40 1204 RHP Seth Simmons 22 East Carolina University Y
41 1234 RHP Michael Cederoth 18 Steele Canyon HS, Spring Valley, Calif. N
42 1264 INF Tyler Bream 21 Liberty University Y
43 1294 RHP Alex Capaul 22 University of Hawaii Y
44 1324 INF Derek Luciano 22 University of Central Florida Y
45 1354 OF James Lane 17 Coral Shores HS, Tavernier, Fla. N
46 1384 OF Joseph Loftus 21 Vanderbilt University N
47 1414 RHP Tucker Ward 19 UMS Wright Prep School, Mobile, Ala. N
48 1444 RHP Raymond Hernandez 22 Cal State Fullerton Y
49 1474 INF Jacob Williams 20 South Mountain CC, Phoenix, Ariz. Y
50 1504 INF David Masters 18 Timberland HS, Wentzville, Missouri N

Player links/info via futurebacks.com

*Age at time of draft



     Rd. 1-10 Signing bonuses:

Trevor Bauer (1) $3.4M*
Archie Bradley (1) $5M
Andrew Chafin (1s) $875,000
Anthony Meo (2) $625,000
Justin Bianco (3) $369,000
Evan Marshall (4) $232,500
Michael Perez (5) $235,000
Matt Price (6) Unsigned
Ben Roberts (7) Unsigned
Jesse Darrah (8) $105,000
John Leanord (9) $80,00
Kyle Winkler (10) $240,000

     via pgcrosschecker.com

*Major league contract worth $7M over four years


If you are interested in years past, here's the 2010 and 2009 articles covering the past two drafts. To wrap up, Arizona had themselves another solid year of drafting quality talent. We should be seeing a nice crop of players from the 2010 and 2011 drafts make their debuts within the next two years.


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