Diamondbacks 3, Twins 2: Daniel Hudson pitches Arizona to a Post rapture sweep.

Record: 23-23. Pace: 81-81. Change on last season: +3

Okay, so going into this game  I thought Liriano was going to DESTROY us. While he didn't; he still did pretty good. Also, a little disclaimer. This is my first recap and it's probably horrific so I apologize in advance.

Although the Twins Ben Revere led off with a single, the Twins failed to capitalize in the first inning. Jason Plouffe grounded out, followed by Jason Kubel striking out looking and Mourneau flying out to right to end the inning. The Dbacks began the first inning with a backwards K from Willeh B followed by a Roberts walk and an Upton fly out; CY then walked and directly after Juan Mirand K'ed like a foo. Dan Hudson had a pretty easy time in the top of the 2nd as he sat down three in a row by getting Danny Valencia to ground out and Delmon Young and Rene "I wish I was Joe Mauer" Rivera to fly out. Easy peasy half for King Huddy.


The Dbacks half of the second starts off with X Nady legging out a grounder to third for a single. It's quite surprising, isn't it? After that the Dbacks get sat three in a row. The top half of the third  was pretty uneventful outside of a single for Liriano. Another easy inning for King Huddy. The bottom half of the inning was sorta derailed by over aggressive base running. Willie Bloomquist singles, but gets caught stealing - Ryro flys out and Upton Ks swinging.  King Huddy keeps on rolling 3 up 3 down in the top of the 4th.

Chris Young leads off the half inning with a fly out to left  then Miranda scorches a ball to CF for a HR. The X man walks, KJ flys out to deep right field and Huddy singles to left - Huddy getting it done in every way possible, you gotta love that. Willie B grounds out.  Delmon Young singles and then Rene Rivera does his best Joe Mauer impression and hits a double with Young moving up to third. Francisco Liriano grounds out to score Delmon Young from third,  then Ben Revere grounds out to Ryro to end the inning.  

Plouffe does an Eric Byrnes, Jason Kube doubles, Mourneau flies out and then Valencia grounds out. Bottom of the 6th and X Nady flies out. KJ Lines out, Hector Blanco singles and then Huddy hits a ground out to get Blanco at 2nd. Top of the 7th: Delmon finally hits his first home run, to lead off the inning, tying the game at 2-2.  Rene Rivera strikes out  Alexi Casilla singles on a bunt to third. Denard Span pinch hits for Francisco Liriano and flies out. Alexi Casilla then gets thrown out. Bottom of the 7th: Alex Burnett replaces Francisco Liriano then Willie B immediately doubles and gets to third on a fielding error by Revere. RyRo hits a sac fly to score Willie B from third. Jup then flies out and Cy grounds out.  

Top of the 8th: Ben Revere singles on a ground ball to second Trevor Plouffe lays a bunt to third and forces Revere out at 2nd; Mourneau and Kubel  strike out. Bottom 8th: Dusty Hughes takes the place of Alex Burnett. Dusty then proceeds to hit Miranda with a pitch, which apparently injured Miranda since he was replaced by Parra. X Nady moves to 1st and Parra goes to Left Field. X Nady GIDPs, KJ hits a double and Blanco gets a IBB. Sean Burroughs pinch hits for King Huddy and grounds out to Second.  Top of the 9th: J.J. "The Easy Button" Putz  gets three easy Button outs for his 12th straight save.  

WOOO WOOO DBACKS SWEEEEEEPPPPPP. All in all it was a pretty awesome game. I was glad to see Hudson go 8 innings.

[Click to enlarge, at]
The Chosen One: Daniel Hudson, +30.2%
Among the 144,000: J.J. Putz: +17.4%
Harold Camping: Justin Upton. -7.3%

A quiet Gameday Thread: guess everyone else got raptured. Rockkstarr12 led all posters with the other podium spots going to NASCARbernet and piratedan7.  Also present: kishi, Dallas D'Back Fan, Jim McLennan, hotclaws, txzona, xmet, BattleMoses, emilylovesthedbacks, 4 Corners Fan, Turambar, Bryan J. Boltik, mrssoco, TinySarabia, Cardscrazy247, brian custer, Husk, baltimor, Jdub220, Bcawz, JoeCB1991, Backin'the'Backs and dima1109. No sign of a Comment of the Day from battlemoses, so it goes by default to the only green one, from hotclaws:

Roberts safe

apparently by doing a sailor’s hornpipe.

by hotclaws on May 22, 2011 1:22 PM MST

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