Team Logos: A Retrospective

I just felt like making a quick little piece all of us can poke fun at and enjoy some of the comical side of history. Featured below will be the first logo used by each of the current 30 MLB teams. Logos from a couple of now defunct teams will also be shown. Fairly simple concept, so let's start off with the MLB logo itself:

1987_medium  (c. 1960)

Ah, we're in for a treat, aren't we? It looks like it was pieced together by a child with construction paper and safety scissors. Follow the jump for the rest...


All logos are from Chris Creamer's


Arizona Diamondbacks

Fh73oczerrqvptlk706emifth_medium  (c. 1998)

Not too shabby for a first try. The Sedona red has a much better feel, though. Plus, that script was way too boring. The negative space in the center of the 'A' forming the snake's head is still one of the coolest things there is.


Atlanta Braves

1145_medium  (c. 1967)

What emotion is this?


Baltimore Orioles

4rzjwfztogqmfzomv44xxzgc8_medium  (c. 1954)

Definitely fits the cartoonish feel that a lot of the logos from the 50s carried. It's not awful. It's odd how teams now-a-days are reluctant to use happy looking mascots in their logos.


Boston Red Sox

7159_medium  (c. 1908)

Thankfully, this thing was retired after it's inaugural year and replaced with plain lettering. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what life was like in 1908.


Chicago Cubs

7247_medium  (c. 1903)

Nearly 120 years ago. Amazing.


Chicago White Sox

7152_medium  (c. 1904)

Again, not much you can say about something so old. Baseball didn't really have an identity.


Cincinnati Reds

704_medium  (c. 1890)

I'm not really sold on the validity of this one but the others from the 1900s don't differ much. Definitely iconic. A logo that has only been tweaked bits and pieces over 100 years.


Cleveland Indians

7181_medium  (c. 1915)

The Indians still use a nearly identical version of this 'C' as one of their cap logos. Cleveland stuck with the letter before getting creative with some really dodgy looking Indian characters before ending up with what they have now.


Colorado Rockies

Ej4v6a8q5w5gegtf7ilqbhoz7_medium  (c. 1993)

The first Rockies logo is still the present. It's not bad, but man is it boring.


Detroit Tigers

7184_medium  (c. 1901)

As embarrassing as this is now, it was one of the most creative logos out their during it's time. It only lasted for a couple of years before Detroit went with the lettering.


Florida Marlins

Uiqyat8zrx40ircpu9begvbwe_medium  (c. 1993)

Just like the Rockies, the Marlins felt like they got it right the first time and haven't changed it since. They are dead wrong. It looks too '90sish for me and the Marlin looks as if he's about to kill over from being out of water for so long.


Houston Astros

9yawe88ejagf9jthh3h3_medium  (c. 1965)

The Astros had a bit of an identity crisis before deciding on... this. Bleh.


Kansas City Royals

0az2nlnnt5fz3qtzgmhzrvuhs_medium  (c. 1969)

Has only changed once since it's inception and that was a minor tweak to remove that massive and unneeded 'R'. I'd like it a lot more if the script wasn't basically the same exact thing the Dodgers have.


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

494_medium  (c. 1961)

They've done better...


Los Angeles Dodgers

Tayw0n3tsg72i7bwr6ef4u5y3_medium  (c. 1958)

There's nothing wrong with hating the Dodgers, but their logo ain't all that bad. Simple, and about all you can ask for out of a "Dodger."


Milwaukee Brewers

6188_medium  (c. 1970)

No joke, they seriously used this for seven years!


Minnesota Twins

Pk7vvonkkx7cbcgxgr6gt0pl2_medium  (c. 1961)

"Good game, ol' chap. Jolly good."


New York Mets

34fklmt62f7bpq20uisaruz8d_medium  (c. 1962)

Can't say I hate this one. This is essentially the same logo they've used for nearly 50 years now, save for the tiny "NY" being removed in 1998.


New York Yankees

7205_medium  (c. 1913)

The Yankees removed this as their primary logo in 1946 but it still lives on in pretty much every way. The current Yankees logo is seldom seen.


Oakland Athletics

Ydt3406ddwhd2pncda6epyoh4_medium  (c. 1968)

The A's used this logo, with the cleats and cheesy slogan on top of a yellow ball, for 14 years. Emmbbbaarrasssiinnngg.


Philadelphia Phillies

7329_medium  (c. 1900)

You got to respect it. The Phillies have been through a lot of experiments from then until now.


Pittsburgh Pirates

7350_medium  (c. 1900)

The Pirates didn't use an actual mascot as their primary logo until 1936. After that, they toyed with a few different ideas until they came up with the boring and stereotypical one that they have now.


San Diego Padres

X5qgaefxmvbsmrkzw3k8qggwr_medium  (c. 1969)

Despite this laughable logo, the Padres had a real identity with the brown and gold. It's a shame they skewed away from it.


San Francisco Giants

2296_medium  (c. 1958)

I'd imagine the discussion for this logo went down like this:

Person 1: "It should read Giants across it, that's a no-brainer."

Person 2: "And it should definitely have a baseball on it."

Persons 1 and 2 simultaneously: "I think we have ourselves a logo!"


Seattle Mariners

2899_medium  (c. 1977)

"Eat at... Seattle Mariners Baseball Club! Coming to a town near you!"


St. Louis Cardinals

Eq4b3gtidxf3q8je0h7y_medium  (c. 1900)

Here's another one that I'm concerned with the validity. Anyway, the Cardinals have been pretty much flawless with their logos over the years. I've loved just about all of them.


Tampa Bay Rays

8ussmr9nym262dzff1g7te1it_medium  (c. 1998)

They can change their name, but they can't hide from this abomination. The colors! The colors! Aaaagghh!


Texas Rangers

1371_medium  (c. 1972)

Chuck Norris approves.


Toronto Blue Jays

Ogopr90c4s7q4ez68ga7vhbyh_medium  (c. 1977)

The Blue Jays got this one right the first time but have since steered away from it. It's definitely among my favorites.


Washington Nationals

X1hlmovt2m0mgs7ghwzgu6lht_medium  (c. 2005)

Not. Good. At. All. Thankfully, they rectified this disaster with a pretty nifty looking seal.



Notable defunct teams:


223dptvgsgxaazhwbkhflbz7f_medium  Expos (c. 1969)


7225_medium  Senators (c. 1955)




That's it. Hope everyone got as much of a kick out of it as I did. I might do another piece in the upcoming days with current logos and maybe rank them with their original. Then again, maybe I won't. Beats me.

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