Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 1: X-Man Leads (Leads?!) Offense to Victory

Record: 17-22. Pace: 70-92. Change on last season: +1

The day started off good enough: woke up to seeing the Dodgers being on the Yahoo homepage headlines about how they managed to somehow lose, with the pesky Backs only getting a measly hit. This almost makes up for us being on the headlines for losing to them on a "Balk Off" last season. More about the game at hand this afternoon after the jump!

Ian Kennedy continues to show why he is the ace of the staff. He pitched 6 extremely solid innings to help the club and its suspect offense of late to victory. He finished with the line of 6 innings pitched, striking out 8, while walking only one and giving up 4 hits and a lone run. My only complaint on his outing today was he was not very economical; I would like to see our ace go out and get 7 consistently, but as I review his game log he has been giving us quality, long outings for the most part. It was nice to see as well that the nationally televised game had Kennedy with a microphone, hopefully boosting his national recognition.

The first inning continues to be the cause of much stress, often leaving me flustered the rest of the game. Today, was no different outside, of the "0" that was put up. Lead off singles by the two wily veteran utility-men setting it up for the heart of the Dodgers order. After recording an a strikeout of Either, the wily veterans stole 2nd and 3rd, accompanied with a walk of Kemp - it was set up to be ugly. Luckily the struggling Loney and the backup catcher couldn't come through leaving the score knotted at zero after a single frame.

The top of the second inning was a delight. After a lead off walk by drew. Xavier Nady. Yes, XAVIER NADY hit a two run jack to get us on the board. I know many in the pit are not a huge fan of the X-man (although I find he actually gets hits when it matters, and has driven in the most runs of the three headed monster we employ at first base: Nady has 10 RBI, double Miranda's total and 5x as many as Branyan. Just some food for thought) As i finished writing this he made a questionable read on the high pop-out with two outs in the ninth.

Roberts, who was back in the lineup, re-emphasized the fact of why he should be in the lineup, by promptly hitting a towering fly ball into the bullpen. The 'Backs would then show they can score a run every now and then by not hitting a homer. With a bunt single by Parra, moving Montero who was plunked to second, then bunted over by Kennedy, and a nice sacrifice fly by Young. Alas, this would be the only offense we could muster this afternoon, but it proved to be all we had needed

The Dodgers would counter with a lone run in the ladder half of the third, with the two wily veterans at the top again doubling and singling in succession, but that would be all we would hear from the Dodgers for the afternoon. The bullpen was again superb (there was some sweating but nonetheless a 0 is a 0). Vasquez and Hernandez set up the bottom of the ninth for J.J "I refuse to make things easy in life" Putz. Putz just had to allow a lead off double and then, after recording a strikeout, walk a batter to bring up the tying run. Barajas made a run at a game tying homer but ended in a fly out to warning track in left center. Putz then got the rookie Sands to pop out and end the game. All in all, nice win (and a series win on an otherwise forgettable road trip).

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Iron Man: Ian Kennedy, +20.0%
Batman: Xavier Nady, +14.8%
The Green Hornet: Chris Young, -3.1%

In the GDT, imstillhungry95 dominated with 125, and Rockkstarr12 came in second on 95 comments. It was close for third place, with four people between 50-56. but NASCARbernet claimed the bronze. Also present: 4 Corners Fan, hotclaws, DbacksSkins, snakecharmer, Jim McLennan, txzona, Backin'the'Backs, Dallas D'Back Fan, azshadowwalker, Zavada's Moustache, IHateSouthBend, soco, BattleMoses, Riffraffselbow, Torpedosneak, jinnah, Scottyyy, Jdub220, xmet, Counsellmember, shoewizard and JustAJ.

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