Diamondbacks 4, Mets 8: Mets sweep away the Diamondbacks' Easter eggs.

Our starting pitcher today, Armando Galarraga has a spectacular 3-0 record thus far. He has been quite the bargain. Just kidding, his era is 6.00 and has gotten 24 runs of support in three fames. This is a good example of why W/L is a bad stat pitching stat. It looks like Galarraga has only faced the Mets once, which shoudn't be a surprise to anyone. He has given up 4BBs in 18PAs. Uh oh.

The Mets will counter with Jon Niese, who is currently 3-0. Kelly Johnson is 4-7 off him and Upton is 4-6. Chris Young has a homer. The last time we faced Niese, we knocked him out in the 5th inning of a 14-1 win back on August 1, 2010.

No that I think of it, not sure why I am writing in stats as if this were a preview, rather than a recap. Oh well. 

Will results be close to the August 1st game? Heck, will we even get this one in? First pitch in 25 minutes. Details after the jump. 

Easy first inning for Niese, as he strikes out Roberts and Johnson and then gets Upton to pop up. Galarraga strikes out Reyes, but walks Murphy to start off his inning. David Wright hits a two run shot on the 4th pitch of the at bat. He gets Beltran out, walks Bay and then walks Ike Davis on 4 pitches. He finally gets the next batter out, but not before throwing 34 pitches in the first inning. I have a feeling we will see our vaunted bullpen early in this one. 

Nothing going on in the top half of the 2nd. Galarraga appeared like he would have an easy 2nd inning, striking out the first two batters. Then had a little difficulty getting the next person out. He gave up a single to Reyes and balked him to 2B before getting Murphy to groundout to the pitcher. 

On to the third inning now, Parra breaks up Niese's perfect game by singling to LF. Galaragga sacrifices him over, then Roberts flies out to the warning track in RF. On to the bottom half. Wright grounds to Roberts at 3B, but he throws it away for the error. Nady had no chance at 1B (according to Schulte). Beltran doubles off the wall in RF, just missing a HR.  Galarraga is already at 60 pitches now with nobody out in the 3rd inning. We had a shoutout on tv, but I am on radio and didn't catch it. Bay strikes out and Davis will be intentionally walked to load the bases. Thole hits a sacrifice fly to Chris Young. The error has scored now. Jason Pridie with his first big league HR, and now the Mets lead 6-0. Schulte, " That really puts the Diamondbacks in a big hole here." Really? Niese finally strikes out to end it. Galaragga at 79 pitches now, with 4 walks, 2 HRs and a balk through 3. Not the kind of start I was hoping for. 

The Dbacks respond by a mini rally in the top of the 4th. Upton walks and then Drew doubles to CF. Young grounds to Reyes, scoring Upton from 3B.  Montero grounds out to 3B as Wright shows Roberts how to field a groundball. Collmentor comes in to relieve Galarraga for the bottom half. He is due up 3rd next inning but I have a feeling he'll bat for himself.  Collmentor retired the first two on 5 pitches, then gives up a solo home run to Wright. I wonder if Collmentor got rattled? He has now given up two straight hits after the home run. Davis singles up the middle, scoring Bay. Thole makes the final out. 8 to 1 NYM, going to the 5th inning.

The Diamondbacks go 1-2-3 in the top of the 5th. Niese threw 8 pitches in the inning. He is at just 65 pitches and has given up only 2 hits for the game. Collmentor has a good inning, 1-2-3 go the Mets. 

Roberts walks on four pitches to lead off the 6th. Schulte talking about the availability of some of the Mets pitchers, "in the event of a comeback." KJ dingles, Upton grounds out, forcing KJ at 2B. Drew singles in Roberts to make it an 8-2 ballgame. Someone in the Mets' bullpen gets up. Young hits on to deep center, no one advances. Montero grounds out. Miggy has grounded out to 2B, 3B and SS in this game. Collmentor in his 3rd inning of work now. Murphy gets HBP. He gets the next 3 out though. No damage. 8-2 Mets going to the top of the 7th.

Niese is out there for the 7th. Nady gets a leadoff hit, then Parra singles. Mets BP gets up again and Miranda goes up to the plate. He Ks, but a passed ball during the Roberts AB lets the runners advance. Roberts later would ground out and get credit for the RBI. 8--3 now, going to the bottom half. Gutbuster in the game now. He promptly gives up a leadoff double to Ike Davis. Thole and Pridie fly out. Willie Harris pinch hits for Niese and grounds out. 

DJ Carrasco comes on to pitch the 8th for the Mets. You might recall that he pitched for us last year after coming over from Pittsburgh. He was also a SP in the Tucson Sidewinders rotation in 2007, I believe. Back to back doubles to lead off the 8th (Upton and Drew). Mets BP gets up. Young pops it up to Ike Davis at 1B. With Montero coming up, Carrasco is done. Byrdak comes in. Montero gets it out of the infield for the first time today, popping it up to CF. Nady makes the final out. Gutierrez still out there. He walked Wright. Wright steals 2B, I am not sure I like that.... Oh look, I got a badge from gameday for Wright stealing a base.  Beltran walks. Nagy pays Gutierrez a visit. Bay walks. Gutbuster walks the bases loaded. Paterson will come on to face Ike Davis and strikes him out. 

(8-4 NYM, top 9th.)

Byrdak comes out and retires Parra to lead things off. The Mets then brought in Igarashi. Mora pinch hit for the pitcher, making his first appearance in a week,  but makes an out. Roberts walks. Kelly Johnson does the most evil thing imaginable and STRIKES OUT to end the game. 

Final score Dbacks 4 NYM 8

Winning pitcher Jon Niese (1-3)

Losing pitcher Armando Galarrage (3-1)


1st star: David Wright

2nd star: Jon Niese

3rd star: Stephen Drew

 An unsurprisingly slow and quiet GDT today. Just 18 users making 295 posts. 

Clefo 52
NASCARbernet 43
justin1985 39

Also present: soco, edbigghead, Prosopis, hotclaws, xmet, Rockkstarr12, snakecharmer, piratedan7, kishi, diamondintherough, emilylovesthedbacks, unnamedDBacksfan, Jim McLennan, Wailord, Cardscrazy247

Slim pickings for the CODT, but the most reccd was Clefo's post::


All-freakin ready

I personally liked Jim's comment better though (talking about sacrificing Bugs Bunny). 

If we crucified him in the sun

Would he be a Hot Cross Bunny?

[Jim: And here's the Fangraph!]
Chocolate Bunny: Stephen Drew, +4.6%
Bad Egg: Armando Galarraga: -32.5%
[Trust me, my first version was rather more sacrilegious!]

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