Guest Recap - Diamondbacks 6, Giants 5: Josh Collmenter wins his debut

It is a new day and, another chance at victory - or not. We come into this hoping not to get swept by the Giants. My hopes are not too high but you have to play the game. Game starts with a very poor rendition of our national anthem. Last time I saw kids singing that bad they were called the Little Rascals with Alfalfa singing lead.

Innings 1-3 were perfect for Enright. Two strike outs, one of which featured an angry Burrell shredding his batting gloves and slamming his batting helmet. Innings 1-3 were not so kind to Bumgarner. Bumgarner’s first inning featured four 3-2 at bats. I lost count but I put his first inning pitch count at over 35. The Diamondbacks left two on base the first inning but as noted Bumgarner was worked.

The second inning highlight was Chris Young showing his knowledge of the home park. He made a nice leaping catch of a ball hit by Sandoval at the wall. This ball was hit to the deepest part of the outfield.

The third inning saw Willie get his eleventh hit in twelve games with the Dbacks. Johnson and Upton followed Willie with base hits of their own, leaving the bases loaded for Young. Young made the sac fly to score Willie. Drew then comes to the plate and hits a triple which brings Johnson and Upton home. Upton was showing lots of speed to get the run. It was nice to see. We are getting spoiled by Drew’s triples in this park. He is making it an art.  This put the Diamondbacks up 3-0 and we were feeling good.

In the fourth inning Enright gave up his first hit of the game to Huff. Unfortunately it was also the first run he gave up as it was a home run.  Roberts had a base hit in the fourth inning. Montero was tagged out after standing there looking at a ball he bounced right in front of the home plate. Enright moved Roberts over with a bunt but the inning ended with Bloomquist being thrown out at first.

In the fifth inning Enright was still dominating. Enright made a very athletic play knocking down a ball hit by Tejada and then throwing him out at first. Justin Upton hit a  concourse home run. Diamondbacks now up 4-1.

In the sixth inning with Rowand at the plate, Montero took a ball to the brat and taters that made me nauseous to see.  Montero walked it off and sweating like a whore in church returned to his catcher position.  I am not sure if the hit to the jewels upset Enright or not but he proceeded to fall apart. Rowand with a double, and Sanchez with a single moving Rowand to third.  Huff with the sac fly scored Rowand. Enright then threw a wild pitch to Posey moving Sanchez to second.  Posey proceeds to hit a home run, tying the game 4-4 and ending Enrights day.  Enter Esmerling Vasquez who throws a home run ball to Sandoval. Oh Nooooooo!!!!!! Here we go again. Giants are winning 5-4.

Seventh inning Juan Gutierrez steps in and holds the Giants. Bloomquist gets a base hit. This makes 5/12 games that Bloomquist has had a multi-hit game this year. Ramirez comes in for  Bumgarner and Willie is left stranded after Upton is thrown out at first.

Eighth inning Hernandez comes in and sits the Giants down 123.  Ramirez stays in for the Giants. Chris Young works it to 3-2 but pops out after a lengthy at bat. Nady then earns the first walk off of Ramirez this season. Nady steals second and moves to third on a base hit by Montero. What do we always say about walks? It holds true for the opposing team as well. Nady scores off of a Roberts’s base hit and we are tied 5-5.

Ninth inning features JJ Putz against Sergio Romo. They duel to a tie and we get free baseball.

Tenth inning and JJ  Putz stays in and pitches against Runzler.  JJ Putz again knocks them down 123. Drew manages to get on base due to an error by Tejada. We fail to score and on to the eleventh we go.

Collmenter, former team mate of Clay Zavada, comes in to pitch. Very odd delivery but he did well. Collmenter pitched two innings and no one got on base. He looked good but I wonder how long he can pitch with that delivery but what do I know?

Twelfth inning and Runzler remains in for the Giants.  Johnson was thrown out at first after breaking his bat.  Upton worked the count to 3-1 and was walked. Young also worked the count to 3-1 and was walked. Drew comes to the plate and hits a single. Upton showing his speed makes the dramatic slide into home having run all the way from second.

Collmenter gets a win in his MLB debut. He is only the second D-back to do this as a reliever. The other? His old team mate Clay Zavada. That is cool stuff.

This was a game of ups and downs for me. I did not really expect a win but when I saw Enright doing his thing I had renewed hope. That hope was then dashed only to be restored later. I really liked this win. I don’t think we would have won this a year ago. I for one like the way the team is headed and I am a believer that good leadership can go a long way. I may believe this more then a lot of others. At the end of the day I want to see guys play hard and I want to be entertained. Today I experienced both. I also saw the need for the nutty buddy which I am hoping I never need.

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Stephen Drew, +40.5%
Cate Blanchetts: Putz, +29.5%; Collmenter, +29.5%, Roberts, +19.7%, Upton, +11.5%
Keanu Reeves: Kelly Johnson, -16.5%
Nicolas Cages: Vasquez, -12.8%; Enright -12.0%; Miranda, -11.7%; Montero, -10.7%

Back to normal, with over 800 comments. NASCARbernet just pipped hotclaws, 129-125, with Dallas D'Back Fan cracking three figures as well. Also taking part: pygalgia, soco, kishi, Clefo, Prosopis, azshadowwalker, Jim McLennan, Gravity, snakecharmer, piratedan7, hotclaws, emilylovesthedbacks, JustAJ, IHateSouthBend, PhoenixFly, justin1985, Zavada's Moustache, dbackfansrock, TylerO, xmet, Wailord, UAwildcats, Jdub220, Rockie4Ever, BigPapaKishi, BattleMoses and Muu, as we dodge a sweep, and get some momentum to take on the road, after the off-day tomorrow.

Comment of the thread was a 3-way tie on four recs, so by the power vested in me, etc. it goes to piratedan:

 its a story of

boy meets girl
boy hits girl with a breaking pitch
she takes her base
hooks up with the pitcher’s best friend, the first baseman
is torn between her choices
gets traded to another team
is released
works her way back up through the minors
gets back to the show
dies in a tragic accident with the team mascot

I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused....

by piratedan7 on Apr 17, 2011 1:43 PM MST up reply actions   4 recs

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