Christina Taylor Green Memorial game against White Sox

I attended today's game against the White Sox with a friend from DBBP. These are our thoughts.

Miggy looks good at the plate has a nice stroke and used it well lining a double. His work behind the plate has regressed IMO.

Gillespie with some nice hustle turns a bloops single into a double Sox caught napping.

I'm all for aggressive baseball but damn we got thrown out trying to steal a lot today. (twice, at least)

Zach Duke gives up way too many fly balls. Bring your glove and sit in the bleachers when he is on the mound at Chase this year. (4 hits allowed, 3 hrs)

Was looking forward to seeing "The Kid" J. Parker pitch for the first time. 1st inning looked good just 5 pitches to record 3 outs. Liked the way he changes his eye level on his fastball moving it up and down in the zone. He tried to get Adam Dunn to chase the high heat but the veteran would not do so. Did get Dunn to chase a killer change. Parker threw the change several times today and it looked GREAT! Second inning after an error he seemed to lose his control when pitching out of the stretch with runners on and was not the same. DBACKS took him out before the end of the inning.

Sergio Santos former DBACK shortstop pitched for the Chisox and looked pretty good out there.

Edwin Jackson got hit hard but got through his work without much damage from the feeble DBACKS today.
.....Most of the the above are not my words, the words of a friend of mine from DBBP. I put my comments in parenthesis.

I got there right as the gates were opening. They had a number 12 on the outfield wall, Christina's LL number. That was actually my number too, when I played.

I was watching batting practice for the White Sox in the first row of 122, by the 3B bag. There was a lady who, at 11am, appeared to either be drunk off her ass or on something. She was randomly yelling at the players to give some random kids some balls. Kids appeared freaked out. Oh, and I "am in trouble" according to her. No idea what the hell she meant.

I moved to another area, found Scott, and then we went to a different section. By the 1st inning the lady had passed out.

Members of Christina Green's baseball team threw out the first pitch. Her dad was there, but we didnt see Dallas Green.

I yelled HESTER HESTER when he made 2 passed balls after he came in for Montero. I liked Parker's poise, just thought he got rattled a little by the fielding error. BTW, that error on Gillespie? Yeah...very hard error to give. Looked like he was under it and then a gust of wind came. Didn't see anyone from the Pit. 

Sorry for the amateurishness of these, it was actually the first time I have used the movie thing on the camera...

A couple videos of his delivery
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

I was hoping to see Parker strike out Dunn with the bases loaded, instead Dunn earns a walk:
Video 4

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