tickets for sale, season ticket prices, lower level, row 3

I've been a season ticket holder for 4 years and split season tickets with a friend. we each attend about 20-30 games a year each, and usually sell tickets to 25-30 games a year to family, friends, and fellow baseball fans. I'm not looking to make a buck, willing to sell my tickets for what the dbacks charge me.

My seats are in section 111, row 3. It's located between 1st base and right field. They're within yelling distance to Justin Upton =) The tickets are $18 each ($36 per game).

I listed the schedule below. I personally don't have a preference in the games I attend since I either attend or watch on tv every game, so am willing to sell tickets for almost any game. E-mail if interested. Thanks!

Date Opponent Time
Sun, 4/10 Reds 1:10p
Mon, 4/11 Cardinals 6:40p
Tue, 4/12 Cardinals 6:40p
Wed, 4/13 Cardinals 6:40p
Fri, 4/15 Giants 6:40p
Sat, 4/16 Giants 5:10p
Sun, 4/17 Giants 1:10p
Mon, 4/25 Phillies 6:40p
Tue, 4/26 Phillies 6:40p
Wed, 4/27 Phillies 12:40p
Thu, 4/28 Cubs 6:40p
Tue, 5/3 Rockies 6:40p
Wed, 5/4 Rockies 6:40p
Thu, 5/5 Rockies 6:40p
Mon, 5/16 Padres 6:40p
Tue, 5/17 Padres 6:40p
Wed, 5/18 Braves 6:40p
Thu, 5/19 Braves 6:40p
Sun, 5/22 Twins 1:10p
Mon, 5/30 Marlins 5:10p
Tue, 5/31 Marlins 6:40p
Wed, 6/1 Marlins 4:40p
Thu, 6/2 Nationals 6:40p
Fri, 6/3 Nationals 6:40p
Sat, 6/4 Nationals 5:10p
Sun, 6/5 Nationals 1:10p
Tue, 6/14 Giants 6:40p
Wed, 6/15 Giants 6:40p
Thu, 6/16 Giants 6:40p
Fri, 6/17 White Sox 6:40p
Sat, 6/18 White Sox 5:10p
Sun, 6/19 White Sox 1:10p
Mon, 6/27 Indians 6:40p
Tue, 6/28 Indians 6:40p
Wed, 6/29 Indians 12:40p
Fri, 7/15 Dodgers 6:40p
Sat, 7/16 Dodgers 5:10p
Sun, 7/17 Dodgers 1:10p
Mon, 7/18 Brewers 6:40p
Tue, 7/19 Brewers 6:40p
Wed, 7/20 Brewers 6:40p
Thu, 7/21 Brewers 6:40p
Fri, 7/22 Rockies 6:40p
Sat, 7/23 Rockies 5:10p
Sun, 7/24 Rockies 1:10p
Fri, 8/5 Dodgers 6:40p
Sat, 8/6 Dodgers 5:10p
Sun, 8/7 Dodgers 1:10p
Mon, 8/8 Astros 6:40p
Tue, 8/9 Astros 6:40p
Wed, 8/10 Astros 6:40p
Thu, 8/11 Astros 6:40p
Fri, 8/12 Mets 6:40p
Sat, 8/13 Mets 5:10p
Sun, 8/14 Mets 1:10p
Fri, 8/26 Padres 6:40p
Sat, 8/27 Padres 5:10p
Sun, 8/28 Padres 1:10p
Mon, 8/29 Rockies 6:40p
Tue, 8/30 Rockies 6:40p
Wed, 8/31 Rockies 6:40p
Thu, 9/8 Padres 6:40p
Fri, 9/9 Padres 6:40p
Sat, 9/10 Padres 5:10p
Sun, 9/11 Padres 1:10p
Mon, 9/19 Pirates 6:40p
Tue, 9/20 Pirates 6:40p
Wed, 9/21 Pirates 12:40p
Fri, 9/23 Giants 6:40p
Sat, 9/24 Giants 5:10p
Sun, 9/25 Giants 1:10p
Mon, 9/26 Dodgers 6:40p
Tue, 9/27 Dodgers 6:40p
Wed, 9/28 Dodgers 6:40p

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