Writers and recappers report! NOW WITH SCHEDULE!!!

First day of official spring training, so it's time for the SnakePit writing team to brush the dust off their old thesauruses (thesaurii? thesauratti?) and get ready for the 162-game season to come. I'm looking to put together a schedule for, most importantly, game recaps, so need input from everyone on nights they can manage - both in terms of frequency and position. Suggestions for other regular features people want to see e.g. anyone want to do a daily minor-league recap? would also be welcome, and any other thoughts on how to make the SnakePit an even more kick-ass place in 2011.

There will need to be some re-arrangement for 2011, due to my new work schedule, which has me working in the evenings from Wednesday through Saturday. This basically leaves me unable to recap there: or, more accurately, unable to recap from an informed perspective, as I won't be able to watch any games on those evenings. I can still be used as an emergency pinch-recapper, off the box-score and highlight-reel. But it's best if I stick to recapping Mondays and Tuesdays.

We've got seven masthead authors to cover the five days, so it shouldn't hopefully be too much of an issue - no-one else should need to do more than one recap in a week, and we can probably do teams-ups, so some people only have to do every other week. But let's start with preferences for nights and volume of recaps you feel comfortable doing; once we've got that, we can then look at a first-cut schedule.

On the plus side, since I don't have to be at work until 11am, my schedule would mean I could take over morning SnakeBytes, if kishi no longer wished to do 'em. Or I could even do the minor league report noted in the opening paragraph, though wouldn't want to tread on IHSB's toes there!

One thing I think we should do is a 'Welcome to the SnakePit' piece, explaining the basic of how the site works. I had a message just now from someone wondering where to start, and it's probably not as obvious as it should be. This could be shamelessly cribbed from inspired by something like this Welcome to Purple Row piece. There was also the idea of a stats primer, explaining at least what abbreviations mean, and why they're important.

All other suggestions, volunteers, idea, etc. are welcome. This is spring training for us too, so it's a good chance to try out the rookies and break out some site pitches to see if they can be effective during the season. Any thoughts and comments are thus very much appreciated.

Based on what people signed up for, we have a lovely, color-coded chart [for the benefit of the color-blind - 'Skins - I put his dates in bold and italic!]. showing who is down for what. All times are Arizona, please make necessary adjustments

Date Opponent Time Recapper
Fri, 4/1 at Rockies 1:10p Snakecharmer
Sat, 4/2 at Rockies 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 4/3 at Rockies 12:10p IHSB
Mon, 4/4 at Cubs 11:20a Jim
Tue, 4/5 at Cubs 11:20a Sprankton
Wed, 4/6 at Cubs 11:20a Kishi
Thu, 4/7

Fri, 4/8 Reds 6:40p Guest
Sat, 4/9 Reds 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 4/10 Reds 1:10p Guest
Mon, 4/11 Cardinals 6:40p Jim
Tue, 4/12 Cardinals 6:40p DbackSkins
Wed, 4/13 Cardinals 6:40p IHSB
Thu, 4/14

Fri, 4/15 Giants 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 4/16 Giants 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 4/17 Giants 1:10p Guest
Mon, 4/18

Tue, 4/19 at Reds 4:10p Sprankton
Wed, 4/20 at Reds 4:10p Kishi
Thu, 4/21 at Reds 9:35a Soco
Fri, 4/22 at Mets 4:10p Snakecharmer
Sat, 4/23 at Mets 10:10a Wailord
Sun, 4/24 at Mets 10:10a Guest
Mon, 4/25 Phillies 6:40p Jim
Tue, 4/26 Phillies 6:40p DbackSkins
Wed, 4/27 Phillies 12:40p IHSB
Thu, 4/28 Cubs 6:40p Soco
Fri, 4/29 Cubs 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 4/30 Cubs 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 5/1 Cubs 1:10p Guest
Mon, 5/2

Tue, 5/3 Rockies 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 5/4 Rockies 6:40p Kishi
Thu, 5/5 Rockies 6:40p Soco
Fri, 5/6 at Padres 7:05p TBA
Sat, 5/7 at Padres 5:35p Wailord
Sun, 5/8 at Padres 1:05p Guest
Mon, 5/9

Tue, 5/10 at Giants 7:15p DbackSkins
Wed, 5/11 at Giants 7:15p IHSB
Thu, 5/12 at Giants 12:45p Soco
Fri, 5/13 at Dodgers 7:10p Snakecharmer
Sat, 5/14 at Dodgers 4:10p Wailord
Sun, 5/15 at Dodgers 1:10p Guest
Mon, 5/16 Padres 6:40p Jim
Tue, 5/17 Padres 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 5/18 Braves 6:40p Kishi
Thu, 5/19 Braves 6:40p Soco
Fri, 5/20 Twins 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 5/21 Twins 7:10p Wailord
Sun, 5/22 Twins 1:10p Guest
Mon, 5/23

Tue, 5/24 at Rockies 5:40p DbackSkins
Wed, 5/25 at Rockies 5:40p IHSB
Thu, 5/26 at Rockies 5:40p Soco
Fri, 5/27 at Astros 5:05p Snakecharmer
Sat, 5/28 at Astros 4:05p Wailord
Sun, 5/29 at Astros 11:05a Guest
Mon, 5/30 Marlins 5:10p Jim
Tue, 5/31 Marlins 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 6/1 Marlins 4:40p Kishi
Thu, 6/2 Nationals 6:40p Soco
Fri, 6/3 Nationals 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 6/4 Nationals 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 6/5 Nationals 1:10p Guest
Mon, 6/6

Tue, 6/7 at Pirates 4:05p DbackSkins
Wed, 6/8 at Pirates 4:05p IHSB
Thu, 6/9 at Pirates 4:05p Soco
Fri, 6/10 at Marlins 4:10p Snakecharmer
Sat, 6/11 at Marlins 4:10p Wailord
Sun, 6/12 at Marlins 10:10a Guest
Mon, 6/13 at Marlins 4:10p Jim
Tue, 6/14 Giants 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 6/15 Giants 6:40p Kishi
Thu, 6/16 Giants 6:40p Soco
Fri, 6/17 White Sox 6:40p TBA
Sat, 6/18 White Sox 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 6/19 White Sox 1:10p Guest
Mon, 6/20

Tue, 6/21 at Royals 5:10p DbackSkins
Wed, 6/22 at Royals 5:10p IHSB
Thu, 6/23 at Royals 5:10p Soco
Fri, 6/24 at Tigers 4:05p Snakecharmer
Sat, 6/25 at Tigers 4:05p Wailord
Sun, 6/26 at Tigers 10:05a Guest
Mon, 6/27 Indians 6:40p Jim
Tue, 6/28 Indians 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 6/29 Indians 12:40p Kishi
Thu, 6/30

Fri, 7/1 at Athletics 7:05p Snakecharmer
Sat, 7/2 at Athletics 6:05p Wailord
Sun, 7/3 at Athletics 1:05p Guest
Mon, 7/4 at Brewers 1:10p Jim
Tue, 7/5 at Brewers 5:10p DbackSkins
Wed, 7/6 at Brewers 11:10a IHSB
Thu, 7/7 at Cardinals 5:15p Soco
Fri, 7/8 at Cardinals 5:15p Snakecharmer
Sat, 7/9 at Cardinals 4:15p Wailord
Sun, 7/10 at Cardinals 11:15a Guest
Mon, 7/11

Tue, 7/12

Wed, 7/13

Thu, 7/14

Fri, 7/15 Dodgers 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 7/16 Dodgers 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 7/17 Dodgers 1:10p Guest
Mon, 7/18 Brewers 6:40p Jim
Tue, 7/19 Brewers 6:40p DbackSkins
Wed, 7/20 Brewers 6:40p IHSB
Thu, 7/21 Brewers 6:40p Soco
Fri, 7/22 Rockies 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 7/23 Rockies 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 7/24 Rockies 1:10p Guest
Mon, 7/25

Tue, 7/26 at Padres 7:05p Sprankton
Wed, 7/27 at Padres 7:05p Kishi
Thu, 7/28 at Padres 12:35p Soco
Fri, 7/29 at Dodgers 7:10p Snakecharmer
Sat, 7/30 at Dodgers 7:10p Wailord
Sun, 7/31 at Dodgers 1:10p Guest
Mon, 8/1 at Giants 7:15p Jim
Tue, 8/2 at Giants 7:15p DbackSkins
Wed, 8/3 at Giants 12:45p IHSB
Thu, 8/4

Fri, 8/5 Dodgers 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 8/6 Dodgers 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 8/7 Dodgers 1:10p Guest
Mon, 8/8 Astros 6:40p Jim
Tue, 8/9 Astros 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 8/10 Astros 6:40p Kishi
Thu, 8/11 Astros 6:40p Soco
Fri, 8/12 Mets 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 8/13 Mets 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 8/14 Mets 1:10p Guest
Mon, 8/15

Tue, 8/16 at Phillies 4:05p DbackSkins
Wed, 8/17 at Phillies 4:05p IHSB
Thu, 8/18 at Phillies 4:05p Soco
Fri, 8/19 at Braves 4:35p Snakecharmer
Sat, 8/20 at Braves 4:10p Wailord
Sun, 8/21 at Braves 10:35a Guest
Mon, 8/22 at Nationals 4:05p Jim
Tue, 8/23 at Nationals 4:05p Sprankton
Wed, 8/24 at Nationals 4:05p Kishi
Thu, 8/25 at Nationals 4:05p Soco
Fri, 8/26 Padres 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 8/27 Padres 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 8/28 Padres 1:10p Guest
Mon, 8/29 Rockies 6:40p Jim
Tue, 8/30 Rockies 6:40p DbackSkins
Wed, 8/31 Rockies 6:40p IHSB
Thu, 9/1

Fri, 9/2 at Giants 7:15p Snakecharmer
Sat, 9/3 at Giants 6:05p Wailord
Sun, 9/4 at Giants 1:05p Guest
Mon, 9/5 at Rockies 12:10p Jim
Tue, 9/6 at Rockies 5:40p Sprankton
Wed, 9/7 at Rockies 5:40p Kishi
Thu, 9/8 Padres 6:40p Soco
Fri, 9/9 Padres 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 9/10 Padres 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 9/11 Padres 1:10p Guest
Mon, 9/12 at Dodgers 7:10p Jim
Tue, 9/13 at Dodgers 7:10p DbackSkins
Wed, 9/14 at Dodgers 7:10p IHSB
Thu, 9/15

Fri, 9/16 at Padres 7:05p Snakecharmer
Sat, 9/17 at Padres 5:35p Wailord
Sun, 9/18 at Padres 1:05p Guest
Mon, 9/19 Pirates 6:40p Jim
Tue, 9/20 Pirates 6:40p Sprankton
Wed, 9/21 Pirates 12:40p Kishi
Thu, 9/22

Fri, 9/23 Giants 6:40p Snakecharmer
Sat, 9/24 Giants 5:10p Wailord
Sun, 9/25 Giants 1:10p Guest
Mon, 9/26 Dodgers 6:40p Jim
Tue, 9/27 Dodgers 6:40p DbackSkins
Wed, 9/28 Dodgers 6:40p IHSB

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