Calling All Fantasy 'Ballers: starting up a keeper league, details inside (FILLED!)

Hey everyone. As you may or may not have seen BattleMoses threw up a FanPost a bit ago gauging interest in a keeper league for fantasy baseball. We both think we'll have enough to hit our goal of ten teams, and we'll expand up to 16 if necessary. This league is NOT an officially endorsed SnakePit league - for more on those, visit the FanPost Jim put up here. For those that are familiar with fantasy ball, we're rolling an all-MLB ESPN four-player keeper, 100-FAAB, daily-changes league with Standard Yahoo! settings (for consistency). This means one of each position (three outfielders), two Utility slots, two starters, two relievers, and four extra pitchers (7IP minimum). You also have five bench spots and one DL slot. We'd also like to use player contracts - but more on that later.

For those that aren't used to fantasy, this probably isn't the best league to join, though if you know your baseball, you can easily have a ton of fun. Lemme get a quick FAQ out of the way, covering anything that may be asked ('cause seriously, who wants to read an entire paragraph above?) ...

What's a keeper league?
Basically, it's a league in which some of the previous year's rosters carry over. We're having four keepers in this league per team, but we'd much prefer to add contracts into the mix. Read more about it below when I get into how I would like these to work.

How will free agency be handled?
This league will use the FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) system. Each team will place a private bid on whichever players he or she wishes to acquire using some of his or her $100 FAAB. Each Sunday at 11PM, the highest bidding team will get the player. Pretty simple. The minimum bid will be $0, meaning that once you run dry of FAAB, you can still replace injured players... just not with the hottest name on the market.

What rosters will be used?
This league will use all MLB players. Though, if the interest is light, we may mix it up and go NL-only. I don't see that happening, though.

Daily changes or weekly?
Daily changes. For those not in the know, this means that you customize your roster each day, letting you play game-by-game matchups, as opposed to weekly leagues where you set your lineup at the beginning of the week and have it stay that way until the following week.

How will contracts work?
I'm entirely new to this, but this is how I'd like it to work: you pick however many years you'd like to lock up a player (1-3 years) before he re-enters the draft, and you're stuck with him for the duration of the contract, regardless of any sort of injury/decline in skill. If a contracted player is traded, the new owner is obligated to honor the player's previous contract. I have no problem running a Google Docs sheet to accommodate this - however, if someone experienced with this wants to suggest a simpler way (we can't use salaries - fun, but too complicated for our purposes), please feel free to share!

Geez, you're just such a great pitchman! How do I join?
Just reply here with your email address letting me know you'd like to join and I'll shoot you an invite. Some things still need to be worked out - the draft time, for instance, or the player universe - but I'd like to have the league full so I can ask the owners at that point.

Hopefully you guys can all join in - I'm sure it'll be a ton of fun. I would like to request, though, that if you don't plan on spending much time on this that you reconsider joining. Non-participating owners can be pretty lame in a yearly league, but in a keeper, it can be pretty detrimental to everyone involved. That being said, let's do this! If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here and I'll edit this post as I get more input. Thanks!

(Note: if you posted in the other thread asking for an invite, please re-post here.)

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