Snake Bytes, 11/12: Hillapalooza Edition

Hill prepares for his "wellness check", now mandatory for all D-backs...

The Diamondbacks plan to sign every middle-infielder on the market continues apace, with Willie Bloomquist joining John McDonald in Kevin "Goldfinger" Towers' vault. I wondered what that white Persian was doing wandering around Chase Field... Next on the list - accompanied by a woman dancing in silhouette, no doubt - is Aaron Hill, whom I imagine will spend the weekend lying on a slab with a laser approaching his groin, and KT saying things like, "No, Mr. Hill - I expect you to sign!"

Just me, then...

Middle-infield rosterbation

  • [FoxSportsArizona] D-backs hope to bring back Hill, and soon "Hopefully we’ll know something on Aaron by Monday," Towers said. "I said we don’t want to play work-up, we’re going to give you our best and kind of last (offer). We’re going to give you a week to 10 days to kind of find out where you think the market is for him. We didn’t want to sit around and wait deep into the offseason."
  • [] D-backs GM wants to add talent to roster - "A lot depends on Aaron," Towers said. "If we have Aaron in the fold at least our infield other than maybe a left handed bat to go along with [Paul] Goldschimdt at first. Probably looking for a lefty reliever to go along with Joe Patterson and we're always looking for starting pitching."
  • [] D-backs GM Kevin Towers: Deadline for Aaron Hill deal Monday - "We made the offer maybe two-and-a-half to three weeks ago," Towers said "I made it clear that this was our final and best workup and that we were going to give them a week-to-10 days to find out where the market was for him.
  • [Twitter / @nickpiecoro] - "More reason to wonder if Stephen Drew will be ready for Opening Day: He needed surgery last month for a sports hernia." Quick! Sign more middle infielders! Given he broke his ankle in July, one wonders how Drew managed to get a hernia...Fortunately...
  • GM Kevin Towers: Arizona Diamondbacks have backup plan for Stephen Drew - "We knew after the injury that it was fairly significant and we just needed to make sure we protected ourselves in case he (isn't ready)."

Other stuff

Tangentially D-backish

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