Arizona Fall League 'Pit-Up

Seems like there is some definite interest in a get-together at the Arizona Fall League - and why would we not take full advantage of having a bonus month of baseball, getting to see some of the best prospects at discount prices, in the balmy weather of a Phoenix October? This year, for the first time, games will be played at Salt River Fields, with the Diamondbacks' farm players on the Salt River Rafters. Those taking part are pitchers Charles Brewer, Kevin Munson, Eric Smith and Bryan Woodall, OF Adam Eaton, 2B David Nick and 3B Ryan Wheeler

There is a bit of a problem, in that a majority of AFL games take place during the day, and there are no games at all on Sundays. What I've done is filter through the Salt River Rafters schedule, and filter out the following games, which are either in the evening or on Saturday.


  • 11 vs. Surprise, 6:35 PM    
  • 12 @ Scottsdale, 6:35 PM    
  • 13 vs. Scottsdale, 6:35 PM    
  • 15 vs. Phoenix, 6:35 PM    
  • 21 vs. Peoria, 6:35 PM    
  • 22 vs. Mesa, 12:35 PM    
  • 28 vs. Scottsdale, 6:35 PM    
  • 29 @ Scottsdale, 6:35 PM    
  • 31 vs. Phoenix, 12:35 PM   


  • 3 vs. Peoria, 6:35 PM     
  • 7 vs. Scottsdale, 6:35 PM     
  • 8 @ Scottsdale, 6:35 PM     
  • 11 vs. Mesa, 6:10 PM     
  • 12 vs. Peoria, 6:35 PM    

That should give people an idea of possibilities. Unfortunately, personally, I work Wed-Sat evenings, and as noted, there are no games on Sundays. So that leaves me with a trio of dates I can manage: this Tuesday and the 7th-8th of November, which are a Monday and Tuesday. So don't feel obliged to stick to those dates, but I'll speak to Mrs. SnakePit and see if she fancies this Tuesday. If anyone is going to this or any other game, feel free to post it in the comments, so people can arrange a nice, low-stress evening of group baseball.

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