Players from 2011 that may be forgotten

These are some players that deserve some special shoutouts for a great 2011 season that may already be forgotten but helped us to an unforgettable season.



Melvin Mora-  Sure he didnt have the greatest of offensive seasons just batting .228, but he provided some solid defense and provided some veteran presence in the clubhouse. Plus, he had a killer smile. But we all grew to dislike him over time.

Russell Branyan- The signing of Russell the Muscle led to some confusion. " How many first baseman is this team going to hold?" But Russell came at a low risk and that was a good thing. He only hit .210 and was released early in the season but he was always a threat to go long!

Wily Mo Pena- Who can forget the show Wily put on in AZ for the short time he was here? After posting ridiculous numbers in the minors he deserved a call up and automatically became Gibby's go to guy for a designated hitter during interleague play. He hit a total of 5  MONSTER homeruns for the D'backs including a walk off homerun at Chase Field after spitting in his helmet on June 28th. And who can forget the look on Don Baylors face after Wily crushed that ball in Detroit? Final measurement: 454 feet.

Brandon Allen- Another pure power hitter helped the D'backs significantly enough to make my shoutout list. Who can forget that homerun at Chase Field that he hit off Yovani Gallardo that seemed off the bat was headed toward Mexico? Final measurement: 455 feet. Whatever. it was at least 600 feet. haha.

Juan MirandaMiranda read his rights a few times this season which helped us to some victories. Who can forget the night he had in Houston going deep twice to help us come back from a 6-0 deficit? I think that game proved a lot to us as fans that this team could be for real.

Kelly Johnson- After a very good year in 2010 he had a bit of a dissappointing one in 2011 that eventually led him to being traded. But he had a few good moments this year as a D'back. He hit a grand slam off Matt Capps of the Twins to lead us to a 9-6 victory. Thanks Kelly for all your work in AZ. It was sad to see you go!

Stephen Drew- Drew got off to the best start of his career in 2011, and the season looked to be promising for the young shortstop, but of course that all changed as he broke his ankle sliding into home plate against the Brewers. But how bout the grand slam he hit off Ryan Dempster of the Cubs that gave us a 11-2 win and Drews first career salami.

Xavier Nady- X had a fairly decent year that was sadly cut short due to a wrist injury after being plunked. But he too came up with some big hits this year. Remember in Houston he doubled down the line to give us the lead in the 8th inning? I've always like Nady, and I think if he was healthy, he'd be a solid .280 hitter.

Cody Ransom- I know. I know. We were all happy to see him get DFA'd, but he helped us to a big win on a Sunday home game vs. Los Angeles. In a pitchers duel of Kershaw vs Kennedy, Ransom homered off the Dodgers ace to give us a 4-3 lead and the win.

Alberto Castillo- Castillo was the oldest pitcher on our team this year at 35 and faired quite well vs. big league hitters. He had a very impresive 2.31 ERA this year and held some tight games close.

Zach Duke- It seems hard to find a bright spot for Duke this year since he inevitably got roped it seemed everytime he took the mound, but he also had a big night in Houston, Texas. In his first game back he hit a 3 run homer and pitched a 7 inning gem to help the D'backs win.

Honorable Mentions:

Sam Demel- Conor Jackson trade working out yet?

Armando Galarraga- Thanks and good riddance for being a selfish a hole to the press because of the mistakes YOU made!

Barry Enright- A step back year. Now we can laugh about the spanking the Brewers put on him!

Aaron Heilman- Don't think we'll miss "Homerin Heilman" very much.

Esmerling Vasquez- Still shook up from the walk off balk in L.A.. Let's hope he can rebound soon. He has good stuff. Haha

Juan Guittierez- Let's hope the big fella can also come back strong as he too has lots of potential.

Jason Marquis- Who did we trade him for?

Ryan Cook- Showed signs of brilliance and wildness.

Kam Mickolio- Well, at least  50 % of the Mark Reynolds trade worked out.

Yhency Brazoban- Last I heard he is still in Japan, so CHEERS TO YHENCY!

Zach Kroenke- Who?

Maybe there is a few i missed so if there is, feel free to add your own! As we all know now, it takes a lot more than 25 guys to win a division. Hope you enjoyed!

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