SnakeBytes, 1/31: Almost February Edition

Look, I can't wait for the season to start up again. If nothing else, it'll help me come up with things to fill space up here, and better titles. Well, hopefully. As is, not much to put here other than a note that, if you're thinking of having a kid and want them to be a baseball player, now may be a good day to give birth- Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks, and Nolan Ryan all were born on the last day of January. Just something to think about and plan ahead for next year.

DBacks News:

Also, today is the last day of Oatmeal Month. So, you know, you might want to change your dinner plans.

Around Baseball:
  • [ESPN] Bo knows Amazing - First off, I'm going to disagree with something Neyer says here: I don't think there should be any doubt that Bo Jackson was heading to Cooperstown if he hadn't been injured. He was, no doubt, of the most exciting players to watch in baseball, ever, and I hate that a football injury brought it to an end. So unfortunate. Second, tucked in at the end, Neyer surprised a lot of people by saying he's leaving ESPN. I'll certainly miss his columns. He was one of the best there. Hardball Talk offers nice piece on Neyer's writing and what it meant to baseball fandom on the internet and in general. Rumor is that we'll hear more about Neyer's next gig tomorrow.

  • [ESPN] Source: Citi Field to host All-Star Game in 2013 - Phoenix, Kansas City, and then New York. It'll be the Mets first time hosting the All-Star Game since 1964.

  • [] Players like Torii Hunter take their at-bat music very seriously - I always like hearing what players choose for their walkup music, gives an interesting insight into their personality. Both Kelly Johnson's "It's Raining Men" game and Troy Tulowitzki's Miley Cyrus request get mentioned.

  • [SBN Atlanta] Braves Offer Non-Roster Deal To Rodrigo Lopez - The Green Lantern will be spending Spring Training with the Braves. SB Nation Atlanta suspects he'll start the season with the Braves AAA team, to help cover the team in case of injury.

  • [Hardball Times] Indefensible deals - A look at the 5 worst deals of the off-season, a list that doesn't include the Diamondbacks. Fortunately. Not many surprises here- the only one I didn't think of before opening the link was John Buck, mainly because who pays attention to John Buck or the Marlins?

Two weeks until pitchers and catchers report, that's all...

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