SnakeBytes, 9/4: Vintage Edition

Today is our first day of practice for our Vintage League squad. Good luck to them. [Note from snakecharmer: With folks at vintage baseball practice on Saturdays, Jim at work and me starting my soccer practice next Saturday, we may need someone to take over Saturday's Bytes regularly...]


[AZCentral] Ojeda brings winning run home against Astros Ojeda's sac fly scores Roberts, Dbacks win. Wow, I made it seem like we walked off.

[Yahoo/AP] Ojeda's sac fly lifts Dbacks over Astros "It's the hardest thing in baseball when you sit around waiting for your name to be called upon," Ojeda said. “You've got to be ready to pinch hit, pinch bunt, defense, whatever. Whenever you sit on the bench for two to three hours then go into the game, it's real difficult. It looks easy, but it's not."

[CrawfishBoxes] The Crawfish Boxes recap

[TucsonToros] Toros win their GBL Best 14th straight game 12-4. To bad I can't afford to go to any games.

Other Diamondbacks News

[D-blog] Dbacks look at Allen in left He is going to have to throw much more often now, though he said the different length of the throw is negligible. "The main goal is to hit the cutoff man," he said. "It's a little different mechanically, but you still have a target hit which is not that far away. So you just get it to him. If you get a good angle on it, it will go all the way. If not, he can cut it and make the play."

[USAToday] Hudson happy to be wanted man "It was like I was back home seeing Justin (Upton) and Mark (Reynolds). Who would ever imagine that we would grow up together, and the three of us would end up on the same major league team?" Turns out he's also a golfer, like Enright.

[AZCentral] Webb's latest session not as good as the first "I was as wild as I've ever been. I had no clue where it was going... A lot of it was a timing issue, I think. I think I was quick. My arm was dragging around. Most of the balls were inside to righties, away to lefties. I couldn’t get it over there... Strikes is the main thing. I'm going to have to have a couple more miles an hour. I think I was around 82 last time. I think 84-85 would get the job done." 

Minor Leaguers

[VisaliaTimes] Rawhide closer to clinching wild-card berth "The Visalia Rawhide defeated the San Jose Giants 5-2 on Friday night in San Jose to move one step closer to clinching a playoff berth. The Rawhide lead Modesto, which defeated Inland Empire 4-0 on Friday, by two games in the California League North Division wild-card standings with three games left."

[SouthBendTribune] Scintillating Skaggs helps Hawks split "Skaggs has pitched in four games, boasting a 1.69 earned-run average (three runs in 16 innings), 13 hits, 20 strikeouts and four walks." That Haren trade is looking better by the day, I'd say...


[BaseballReference] Norris VS Colonel

[AZCentral] Hampton back in the Bigs, GM search updates from Nick. He has also written an article about The Injury, but I am sure that has already been posted.

Around Base Ball:

[SignOnSanDiego] Sinking feeling has Padres fans unnerved "Disappointment kicked in early Friday night. By the fourth inning, with the Padres down 4-0, a smattering of boos broke out. And in the first game of a critical 10-game homestand, the attendance was a disappointing 21,877." A first-team place, on a Friday night, and they pull over 2,500 less than the last-place D-backs against another team out of contention? WTF, Padres fans? 

[HardballTimes] Is Ichiro a HOF? BattleMoses posed the question last night. I am inclined to say yes, he is.

[UmpBump] The girl who struck out Babe Ruth

[MLB] Mandy is apologetic about the end of his Boston tenure. Says he is happy on his new team.

[MLB] Nygler Morgan "shocked" at 8 game suspension, the rest of the world? Not so much.

[CrawfishBoxes] Just something I  thought was interesting. The Last of the 1997 Astros (their first division champion team). We currently have one of them, Mike Hampton. Makes me wonder, are there any original Dbacks around? (other than Suppan) What about in the GBL?

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