Managerial options

Yes, I know that there will be no decision until a GM gets named but what options are out there?  Options after the jump.

Kirk Gibson - We have a very small sample set on him.  Does he seem to possess some qualities? Yes but the strength of those qualities tend to be overstated.  Baseball is not football, so any psychological advantages from the Gibson method are over stated.  Probably a solid 2nd or 3rd choice if Seattle doesn't come calling with a long term deal.  The AZ Central mouth breathers want a 3rd or a 4th year.  Given the small attendance and fan leverage in calling for firings, business wise this makes no sense unless you like your managers still paid but not managing.  Grade: C+

Bobby Valentine - Wants back in to MLB and wants to manage the Cubs.  The Cubs thing is definitely not happening.  So you have a manager available who has a Japanese league championship, never managed for a full season at lower than a .450 rate but who was prone to spectacular flameouts.  Does have experience with high K lineups and marginal talent from the Texas years though.  Getting up there in age, however. I still think the best available choice Grade: B

Joe Girardi - Never happening.  Re-signing with Yanks or going to Cubs. Grade: N/A

Don Wakamatsu - seems  to be highly thought of in baseball circles and has experience but how can you not win with Gutierrez, Figgins and King Felix?  He'd be moving into a situation with less talent than Seattle.  Probably the number three choice. Grade: C

Randy Ready - Towers' rumored number 1 pick.  Hitting coach for a team that doesn't hit.  No experience and we've already done that song and dance twice.  grade: C-/D+

Jose Oquendo - Has Tony LaRussa experience but no managing experience.  DBacks are a terrible first job to get. grade: C-

Brett Butler - AAA manager but slightly burned out.  Baseball experience is good.  He should deserve a mention. Grade: C/C+

Jim Riggleman - You blow out your franchise's arm, get bought out and look for work.  Keep looking, you shouldn't be allowed near a major league clubhouse ever again.  Grade:F

I probably left out some candidates but this seems to be about the caliber we are looking: B's, some C's and Riggleman. If anyone knows any good minor league managers, or knows what Hall/Kendrick are thinking please spill.

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