What Should We Do?

Okay, so as you all know, the trade deadline is coming up and since our Diamondbacks haven't been doing so great there's been a lot of speculation surrounding us. Dan Haren and Conor Jackson were both traded. Adam Laroche, Edwin Jackson, Chad Qualls, and Chris Snyder are all also possibilities of being traded(As are Stephen Drew and Kelly Johnson, just not as likely). After the jump, I'll look at how some of our early trades are doing for us and suitors and likelihoods of our current players being trade.

The Conor Jackson Trade- Which side has gotten the better deal so far? Here's the stats.

Conor Jackson- .267BA .365OBP .420SLG .667OPS. Currently on 15-day DL as of July 1st.

Sam Demel- 16G. 16.1IP. 8ER. 4.41ERA. 1.22WHIP

So far it appears Oakland has gotten the better end of this deal with Jackson improving in every stat since being trade to the Athletics. Demel was good his first few outings, but then cooled down a bit. He is still one of the better ones in the bullpen even with a 4.41ERA. Jackson is on the 15-day DL right now with a strained hamstring so things could change even if Demel stays at his current pace.

My Choice: Wait till end of season to see who wins this one, maybe even later.

The Dan Haren Trade- Who got the better end of the deal?

No stats yet, none of them have played yet.( excluding Haren, Who got hurt in his first start) Although the media thinks the Angels "Pantsed us" on this deal, I think we might actually have gotten it. Look at it this way, Skaggs could turn out to be pretty darn good and so could Corbin. Rafael Rodriguez is a Sam Demel type, and Joe Saunders is making the switch from the AL to the NL for the first time in his career, which could mean better stats. Haren is moving back to the AL, and he got hurt in his first start. I think Skaggs and Corbin both will be good pitchers so I think we actually got the better end of the deal on this one. Plus, something might be going on with Haren only the Diamondbacks know.

Possible trades: Edwin Jackson- Suitors: Washington Nationals, Twins, Cardinals.

Stats: 5.01ERA 7 SO/9. 129.1IP

Adam Laroche: Angels, White Sox

Stats: .255BA .331OBP 14HR 61RBI .781OPS

Chad Qualls: Tampa Bay

Stats: 8.49ERA. 35IP

Chris Snyder: Red Sox

Stats: .231BA .352OBP .778OPS

Edwin Jackson seems the most likely to go, with rumors circulating that he could be involved in a three team deal that includes the Nationals, White Sox, and Diamondbacks. Although the rumor has recently been shot down.

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