Haren is Traded! Oh, There Is A Game Going On.

Thank goodness for the Internet and Twitter. I am in Parowan, Utah right now and for the next week visiting my wife’s family. There’s nothing wrong with that, as I (believe it or not) enjoy my in-laws. However, the one thing that is difficult about being here is my Phoenix sports fandom.

My wife’s family does not have cable and they live far out of reach of anything dealing with any Arizona sports. Thankfully, they set up a Wi-Fi connection about a year and a half ago. Before that, I had to share their once computer with all of them. I would feel completely disconnected from the world. At least now I can follow the world from my laptop and I no longer have to intrude on their computer time.

This past Sunday after returning "home" (back to in-laws’ house) from church, I went to to see how the Diamondbacks game was going. At home in Gilbert, we typically get home from church to see the last couple of innings of a Sunday afternoon game. Here in Utah, they are an hour ahead, so it was earlier in the game. It was a 2-2 game.

Soon after I got on the computer, the Twitter flurry ensued. Dan Haren was traded. For almost a solid hour, it was tweet after tweet about the trade, people’s opinions, links to information about the players involved, and general conversation.

Now this is why I love Twitter. I get breaking news in the moment from reporters and other news makers. That’s cool. But, to me, the best part is the conversation. Guys I have never met in real life (@Zodogg4GM, @pjspaws, @The_Real_Espo, and @a_zone) were commenting on the trade. It is like how I text my best friend during ballgames when we can’t get together, except I only know these guys from their tweets and avatars. (As a side note, I’ve been trying for months to get my buddy on Twitter, but he still is holding out.)

Anyway, with all the tweeting and reading up on opinions and profiles, the Twitter activity waned a bit. It was then I realized, "Oh yeah, there’s a game going on." I had completely forgotten.

But I guess that this is appropriate for the type of season that Arizona has had. The player moves they make garner more passion than the actual games.

So I went to for the game cast (I’m still too cheap to get the game day audio, since it only affects me basically one week out of the year) and the game was still going. My two boys gathered behind me to watch the Diamondbacks lose in disappointing fashion, completing the wrong end of a four game sweep, when they should have won the game in the bottom of the ninth.

I suppose that I can expect more of the same this week in Parowan: games that disappoint, possible excitement with trades that might happen, and more Twitter. It’s all part of the life when you are a (happily) trapped fan like me.

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