Josh Byrnes and AJ Hinch should all be released but you really can’t release a whole front office in the middle of a season.


Bob Brenly(who was the teams TV Broadcaster  a man with no managerial experience; this is starting a trend) should have never been fired. In first year in the dugout he wins the World Series, the second year he gets in to the playoffs and is eventually fired.   Big mistake from Kenny K; an owner who hates to lose.


Brenly's bench coach Bob Melvin(BOMEL) was hired. This is the second manager that has been hired with no managerial experience and hired from within the organization. BOMEL could never figure out how to handle a pitching staff or a bullpen.  Somehow INSPITE of BOMEL they made the playoffs.



2008 ends with a disaster and this is when Kenny K and Derrick Hall should have stepped in and did their evaluation.  Not 2 1/2 years later in 2010.


2009 starts pretty much where 2008 left off...the definition of insanity starts to surface with this team.  "YOU KEEP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS"  The alarm clock finally goes off in JB's head and they fire BOMEL. The only problem is that for the third straight hire, they hire someone with no managerial experience from within the organization.  They were successful with Brenly(No manager gets to the World Series every year unless you are the Yankees) and couldn’t leave well enough alone .  But do you see where the insanity definition fits in here. They made the same type hire twice in BOMEL and AJ expecting different results.


AJ is a BOMEL Clone. neither one had managerial experience.  Neither one knows how to handle a pitching staff or bullpen. As I used to call Bomel "Professor Comatose".AJ is the same way.  Neither one of them shows any energy, excitement or leadership.  Neither one provides any direction.


Last night was a good example...Hellmann hit the outside corner of the strike was not called...they panned to the dugout to AJ and it looked like a little boy ready to cry because he didn’t get his way.  WHAT THE "HECK" AJ? YOU WERE IN A ONE RUN GAME WITH THE WORLD CHAMPIONS.  IF THAT’S NOT A REASON TO COME OUT OF THE DUGOUT YOU WILL NEVER GET ONE. His players see that reaction or lack of reaction as it was in this case and you wonder why there is no energy or excitement in the dugout I don’t.


Byrnes and Hinch should all be released.  Kenny K and Hall waited way to long to start this “ON GOING evaluation” as he told Daron Sutton last night during the game.  If that’s not a stall tactic from someone who doesn’t want the responsibility of making a controversial decision I don’t know what is.


Unfortunately you cannot release the whole front office staff in the middle of a season so here is 2010 flushed as well.


If Kenny k really hates losing and wants to remain hands off then he needs to get someone in there that knows baseball. 




Derrick hall….as much as I love Derrick’s passion he’s not a CEO.  He’s a great marketing and promotions guy but not one to make the tough decisions. They could return him to his former position and everything would be OK.

Josh Byrnes…..not sure where to start here could go on forever.  It seems like although JB has made some good moves along the line if I had to rate him as a GM he might get a C-.  The minor league was a great success before he took over. They are now ranked towards the bottom.   His two managerial hires; Bomel and his clone AJ…well their records speak for themselves. They were in need of left handed pitching with the draft.  How many left hander’s were drafted? 


AJ HINCH is Bomel’s CLONE.  This spring all we heard was this is AJ’s team now and things are going to be different.  Well we are half way through the season and what is different?  AJ just like his clone Bomel doesn’t know how to handle a pitching staff or a bullpen(to AJ’s credit the bullpen has been a disaster till recently).  Like Bomel there is no energy, excitement or drive coming out of that dugout.


The bottom line is this…..


If Kenny K really wants to win and plays hands off as an owner here he needs to gut the front office (leaving Derrick Hall in charge of promotions and marketing)and bring in some baseball people FROM OUTSIDE the organization.  What we have here is “FUBAR”….”THE INMATES RUNNING THE ASSYLUM!”  It is the prime definition of insanity.  The Dbacks organization is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  HELLO KENNY K  it aint working


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