The 2010 draft pick signing thread

Shamelessly stolen from the dbbp, here's a list of picks and those that have signed.


Round Overall Player Position School State 

1 6 Barret Loux RHP Texas A&M Texas 
2 56 J.R. Bradley RHP Nitro (W.Va.) HS W.Va - Missoula 
3 88 Robby Rowland RHP Cloverdale (Calif.) HS Calif - Missoula
4 121 Kevin Munson RHP James Madison Va. 
5 151 Cody Wheeler LHP Coastal Carolina S.C. -Yakima
6 181 Blake Perry RHP Pendleton School, Bradenton, Fla. Fla. 
7 211 Jeff Shields RHP Chattahoochee Valley (Ala.) CC Ala. 
8 241 Tyler Green RHP Brazoswood HS, Clute, Texas Texas 
9 271 Zach Walters SS San Diego Nev. - Yakima 
10 301 Kawika Emsley-Pai C Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) Idaho - Yakima 
11 331 Michael Freeman SS Clemson Fla. 
12 361 Blake Cooper RHP South Carolina S.C. 
13 391 Kevin Ziomek LHP Amherst (Mass.) Regional HS Mass. 
14 421 Ty Linton OF Charlotte (N.C.) Christian HS N.C. 
15 451 Mike Bolsinger RHP Arkansas Ark. -Yakima
16 481 Westley Moss OF Nevada Ohio - Yakima 
17 511 Derek Eitel RHP Rose-Hulman (Ind.) Ind. - Missoula 
18 541 Jimmy Comerota 1B Rice Texas - Yakima 
19 571 
Adam Eaton OF Miami Ohio - Missoula 
20 601 Michael Hur OF UC Riverside Calif. 
21 631 Raoul Torrez 2B Arizona State Ariz. -Yakima
22 661 Jeremy Erben RHP Oklahoma Okla. 
23 691 Roberto Padilla LHP Ohlone (Calif.) JC Calif. 
24 721 Stephen Cardullo 3B Florida State Fla. 
25 751 Matt Talley LHP The Citadel S.C. 
26 781 Yazy Arbello 1B Keystone (Pa.) Pa. - Yakima 
27 811 Nick Gallego 2B UCLA Calif. 
28 841 Keith Hessler LHP Coastal Carolina S.C. 
29 871 Chris Floethe RHP Cal State Fullerton Calif. 
30 901 Ryan Zimmerman RHP Northwestern State La. 
31 931 Steven Sultzbaugh OF Rice Texas 
32 961 Greg Robinson RHP Wright State Ohio - Yakima 
33 991 Andrew Whittington C Southern Arkansas Ark. - Missoula 

34 1021 Victor Lara RHP Keystone (Pa.) Pa. -Missoula
35 1051 Konner Wade RHP Chaparral HS, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz. 
36 1081 Justin Hilt OF Elon N.C. - Yakima 
38 1141 Matt Roberts C Graham (N.C.) HS N.C. 
39 1171 Garrett Nash 3B Oregon State Ore. 
40 1201 Derek Casillas 1B Hamilton HS, Chandler, Ariz. Ariz. 
41 1231 Mike McGee RHP Florida State Fla. 
42 1261 Chris Jarrett OF Anderson (Ind.) Ind. - Missoula 
43 1291 Tom Belza 2B Oklahoma State Okla. - Yakima 
44 1321 Eric Groff 3B Keystone (Pa.) Pa. - Missoula 
45 1351 Javan Williams OF Contra Costa (Calif.) JC Calif. - Missoula 

46 1381 Jorge Flores SS Hamilton HS, Chandler, Ariz. Ariz. 
47 1411 Casey Uppman(upperman?) RHP Yavapai (Ariz.) CC Ariz. Missoula
48 1441 Kenneth Sigman RHP South Mountain (Ariz.) CC Ariz. 
49 1471 Tad Barton RHP Muhlenberg HS, Laureldale, Pa. Pa. 
50 1501 Trey Ford 3B South Mountain (Ariz.) CC Ariz.

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