Who I Would Keep


All this speculation about overall evaluation has us all sitting on pins and needles waiting for the bomb to drop......

IMO this is who I would keep

Montero(C) - I think you gonna see a spark when Miggy gets back. He gave them a spark last year when they put him in the lineup and Snyder's defense is good but his bat is not good enough to keep him around.

LaRoche(1B)- I would keep him for no other reason that his glove. How many games has he won defensively digging throws out of the dirt over there at first. Looked like last night he may have found his swing again and if he gets hot that could make a whole lot of difference in the middle of the order.

Kelly Johnson(2B) - He's my pick for Dback MVP if one had to be made today. He has done a great job in the lead off spot working counts drawing walks and supplying power. His glove has been more than adequate I feel.

Abreu(SS) - Yes I would let Drew go. Drew has been striking out way too much recently and as good as he is defensively. I think Abreu's bat offsets Drew's defense.

Reynolds(3B) - I think hes one of the cornerstones of the Dbacks and he is untouchable. His glove has improved dramatically(than you Matty). I think hes been nursing that quad injury all year and it has effected his speed as well as his offense. I know the strikeouts are an issue but he's getting on base more this year with walks and if he ever gets healthy he could the team on his back and carry them for a while.

Rusty Ryal(LF) For the life of me I can't figure how they can keep his bat on the bench as Cojack is having a terrible year offensively. Ryal is aggressive, smart and works hard everyday. Cojack is just not getting it done.

CY(CF) CY is the most improved player on this team hands down. To me if he can hit between 275 and 290...his glove and speed make up for the rest. hes worked very hard to get where he is and he has saved a lot of games defensively with his speed in center field.

Upton(RF)Justin is the franchise and we all see hit and think there he goes striking out again. HE JUST TURNED 23 YEARS OLD. His potential is endless and they can ever get him to quit thinking he has to hit it out of the park every time he comes up hes gonna be a great player

Haren, Jackson and Kennedy and the foundation of a great pitching staff. Webby I think is done as a Dback. he may come back in August but as far as resigning him for nest season I don't think thats going to happen. Jarrod Parker will be up next year giving them 4 strong starters.

The bullpen could be pretty much blown up. I would keep Vasquez and Heilmann but after that I don't think it really matters.

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