AZ Snakepit Fantasy Baseball Division II: Weeks 1 and 2

With PhoenixFly MIA, I decided to step in for the lower division league recaps. To catch up, this recap will include the first two weeks of results. In order to keep this short, I'll just skip analysis of week one.

Week One

Spaghetti Monsters 8, Yiddish Pimp Slap 1
Gotham City Knights 6, The Septimoes 3
Alabama Slammers 5, Gang of Nine 5
Wimboes Barmy Army 6, A Tangled Webb 4
Scratch my Ichiro 5, child please 3
Chazwozzles 5, Dantes Revenge 4
Mizzoula Osprey 7, Tempe Prangers 3
3 Molinas 1 Cup 8, Sprankton 2

Week 2

Tempe Prangers 8, child please 2
child please took homeruns and wins with the help of the Upton brothers and Scott Rolen (3,2,and 2) on the offensive side and a win each from Ryan Dempster and Chris Carpenter on the pitching end. Some categories were close (ERA and WHIP, with differences of .09 and .02, respectively), but Tempe Prangers posted convincing numbers in saves (2 each for Soria, Rauch, and Lindstrom) and almost all offensive categories for the win.

Phoenix Fly 7, Wimboes Barmy Army 2
The team formerly known as 3 Molinas 1 Cup dominated pitching, with 84 Ks, 7 wins, 7 saves, and a 1.09 WHIP. WBA was only able to pull batting average and ERA and a tie in RBIs.

Gang of Nine 7, Chazwozzles 1
GoN and Chazwozzles tied in wins and saves, but the Chazwozzles' pitchers did the rest of the team no favors in ERA (Hammel posted a 37.80, with only Joel Piniero and Edwin Jackson under 2.00). The offensive categories were closer, but Gang of Nine was helped by Utley's 8 runs and Quentin and Utley's 8 RBIs each.

Spaghetti Monsters 6, Dantes Revenge 4
These two were pretty evenly matched, with the biggest difference coming from wins and saves: Dantes Revenge were blanked in both, while the Spaghetti Monsters had 2 wins and a single save.

Mizzoula Osprey 6, The Septimoes 4
Mizzoula narrowly avoided a tie in HR, but pitching was dominant to give them the win. The Septimoes grabbed every offensive category (except for homers).

Alabama Slammers 9, Sprankton 0
After seeing the score, I was ready to say Sprankton got spanked. Truth is, every category outside of stolen bases and runs was pretty close. Sprankton faces an uphill battle this week, though, facing the number 4 Gang of Nine.

Gotham City Knights 5, A Tangled Webb 5
They may have tied, but nothing was close. A Tangled Webb dominated offense, and Gotham City Knights took pitching with no problem.

Scratch My Ichiro 5, Yiddish Pimp Slap 5
Yiddish Pimp Slap benefited greatly from Ubaldo Jimenez's no hitter, combining with Heath Bell, Joe Saunders, and Andy Pettitte for 5 wins and a good portion of his 40 Ks. Scratch My Ichiro had a great week offensively, with every member of the starting roster AND bench scoring multiple runs, and every starter (except for Sizemore) contributing at least one RBI.

Rank Team Name W-L-T Pct. GB
1 PhoenixFly 15-4-1 .775 -
2 Alabama Slammers 14-5-1 .725 1
3 Spaghetti Monsters 14-5-1 .725 1
4 Gang of Nine 12-6-2 .650 2.5
5 Mizzoula Osprey 13-7-0 .650 2.5
6 Gotham City Knights 11-8-1 .575 4
7 Tempe Prangers 11-9-0 .550 4.5
8 Scratch my Ichiro 10-8-2 .550 4.5
9 A Tangled Webb 9-11-0 .450 6.5
10 Dantes Revenge 8-11-1 .425 7
11 Wimboes Barmy Army 8-11-1 .425 7
12 The Septimoes 7-12-1 .375 8
13 Chazwozzles 6-11-3 .375 8
14 Yiddish Pimp Slap 6-13-1 .325 9
15 Child Please 5-13-1 .300 9.5
16 Sprankton 2-17-1 .125 13

Week 3

PhoenixFly (formerly 3 Molinas 1 Cup) vs Gotham City Knights
Chazwozzles vs Spaghetti Monsters
Dantes Revenge vs Scratch my Ichiro
Tempe Prangers vs Yiddish Pimp Slap
The Septimoes vs child please
A Tangled Webb vs Mizzoula Osprey
Sprankton vs Gang of Nine
Alabama Slammers vs Wimboes Barmy Army

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