Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 6: Not really what was wanted

Dan was not on form; Mark homered; no-one on GDT.  Pirates 6,D'backs 3.

Oh, you want more?  Then I'll unroll my parchment, sharpen my quill and make you feel faintly sick.

From the get go, Haren didn't seem to have the good stuff, timing seemed to be off  and he couldn't get outs when he needed them.  He gave up a single to Iwamura which turned into a run.

In the 2nd, same old, same old, Clement homers, luckily just a solo and it kept going downhill from there.
We get to the third and lose Miggy with a jammed knee, and Snyder comes in but his bat was cold as a judge's  heart.

More scoring for the Pirates in the fourth and I tear up the piece of paper with all the witty stuff I'd prepared for the win.

At least in the top of the fifth, there's 3 quick outs; in the bottom, Reynolds singles but no-one can capitalise on this, like me with a shift key on my laptop stuck down with hot cross buns crumbs.  I too am hot and cross, why did I get the sucky game to report on?

Dan was toast by now and Norberto replaced him.  Haren was not his usual self but got no help from the offense.
At least in the 7th, LaRoche doubled and Reynolds made it  2 with a 476 footer which apparently interfered with local flight paths.

After that ,oh do I have to go on?  Bottom of the eighth was a huge come back opportunity, bases loaded, no outs that just was not taken advantage of.  Gutierrez had an efficient 9th , enough to keep us hoping; to no avail as it turns out.

So not a great game and the Snakepit was dead, most people preferring to drink rather than join in and I don't blame them.  Still, early days, let's get the series win and I can forget I was in anyway connected with this game.
I had thought of doing 9 catmacros and now I'm  glad I didn't;  it's hard to keep finding pictures of depressed cats to caption.

Badass of the day: Rusty Ryal, +5.8%
Boarding the bus to Reno: Danny Haren, -21.6%
Should have stayed in bed: Justin Upton, -14.9%; Adam LaRoche, -10.3%

[soco edit]: A pitiful GDT to be sure after so many 1000 comment games.  We crested out just short of 400, with no one person getting triple digits.  A special thanks needs to go to hotclaws, who made her major league debut as a Snakepit recapper, though it's too bad the first one had to be such a stinker to cover.  NASCARbernet led the way with 75, and was joined by: txzona, Bear_Down, DbacksSkins, Azreous, Wimb, soco, Clefo, hotclaws, katers, singaporedbacksfan, Turambar, Jim McLennan, pygalgia, Mizzoula Osprey Fan, LoveMyDbacks, Zephon, Muu, Trogluddite.

Tomorrow is the rubber game against the Pirates, so hopefully the D'backs will take a page from the season's opening series, where the team followed a less than desirable performance with a series winner.

['Skins edit]: Jeez.... I leave you all alone ONE night and THIS happens? FanGraph now up.

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