The Non-Tender List: anyone you fancy for the D-backs?

Free Scott Hairston! The Padres just did...

52 players had been non-tendered by their teams, when the deadline was reached on Thursday night. As usual, there were some surprising and quite well-known names. One that stand out include the Dodgers Russell Martin and George Sherrill, John Maine of the Mets, and Chien-Ming Wang from Washington - hey, if we're not bringing back Brandon Webb, maybe we can get another sinkerballer? Ok, maybe not... There's also a number of ex-Dbacks, including Lance Cormier, Dustin Nippert, Chris Carter (the Mets version), Jack Cust, Scott Hairston and - wait for the squee! - Trent Oeltjen.

The full list and some initial thoughts can be found after the jump. Anyone you think the Diamondbacks should pursue?



Most of the names listed were non-tendered for good reason, but as we saw with Kelly Johnson last year, there is potential to mine some diamond(back)s from the rough. The main area of interest for Arizona is likely to be the bullpen, and Kevin Towers has already shown his willingness to go dumpster-diving (or, more charitably, a "buy low" approach), with the pick-ups of Wily Mo Pena and Zach Duke.

However, I do have to say, given the interest in rebuilding the bullpen, I am surprised that we non-tendered Blaine Boyer and D.J. Carrasco. In 84 games for Arizona, Boyer had a 3.64 ERA, and last season had the best ERA of anyone with more than 25 relief innings, as well as a FIP in line with that. Carrasco, over the past three seasons has posted an ERA+ of 119, in more than 210 innings. Both men are second-year arbitration eligible, and would likely get salaries in $1-1.5 million range. GM Kevin Towers said, "We just didn't want to go through the arbitration process," but added "It still keeps the door open if we are not able to fill needs externally."

That seems more true for Carrasco than Boyer, with Towers saying "He's probably the one guy that's still on our radar screen... He fills kind of multiple roles in the 'pen and he actually threw kind of well for me the last two or three weeks of the season. We didn't like him at what we thought the arbitration number would be." As noted, that should probably be, last two or three years, and I'm wondering what we're going to find for that $1.5 million, which will be more productive. If we open the season with Esmerling Vasquez - aged 27, with a career WHIP of 1.55 - in the bullpen instead, I'm going to be upset...

Probably the biggest relief name out there [at 275 lbs, in more ways than one - something in the commentary booth is drooling...] is former White Sox closer Bobby Jenks. He has a career ERA+ of 136, and has already piled up 173 saves at age 29. He earned $7.5 million in 2010, and Tim Dierkes reckons he will get multiple years at $5m+, saying Jenks "might be the best closer" on the market after Rafael Soriano, with Mariano Rivera apparently off the market. Dierkes also mentions Joel Peralta and Jose Veras in particular, while listing Manny Delcarmen, Hideki Okajima, and George Sherrill as "former set-up types".

Arizona still appear to be looking for a closer, so wonders whether they will go for Jenks, who is probably looking for that role - something that might not be available with other teams. At the moment, our bullpen consists of Juan Gutierrez, Sam Demel and (ugh) Vasquez, plus a bunch of question-marks (Mike Hampton? Jordan Norberto?), so there is no shortage of slots available for filling.

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