Diamondbacks 2011 Bullpen Stat Projection

After what was rather crazy Winter Meetings at the Happiest Place on Earth (next to the one we have in California) it seems like Kevin Towers followed through his words as he revamped the bullpen quite a bit. Well, not a bit but a LOT. With a trade he has made along with free agency signing and rule 5 pick up, it seems like the Diamondbacks bullpen is taking shape. Coming into the season, Towers did not shy away from stating that retooling the major's worst bullpen was his main priority. I'm not sure if it's because of his renowned ability to pick the best relievers off anywhere or because I've seen the horrendous performance put together by last year's group, I have a sense of trust that I have in the names that he brought in. So to continue my last post on rotation projection, I went to ever so interesting Bill James projections of fangraphs to put together the projection for our bullpen. Without further adieu, here are the projections.

*Note that few likely member of our bullpen such as Kam Mickolio, Joe Paterson, and Mike Hampton's projections are not available due to uncertainty of them being in the majors next season for significant time when the projection came out.

**Also note that projection for David Hernandez and J.J. Putz is if they had stayed with the Orioles and White Sox, respectively. Hernandez's number should be better than what it's projected since he won't be pitching in the AL East (no disrespect to the NL West opponents) and since it includes few starts and not al relief appearances.


CL - J.J. Putz

59 G  4-2  2.88ERA

SU - Juan Gutierrez

56G  3-4  4.82ERA

SU - David Hernandez

33G  3-4  4.58ERA

MID - Sam Demel

47G  3-2  3.40ERA

MID - Brian Sweeney

28G  2-2  3.35ERA


For your information, do you know that average weight and height of our members of the projected bullpen (Putz, Hernandez, Gutierrez, Demel, Sweeney, Mickolio, and Paterson) is 218 pounds and 6 feet 3 inches? Take out the smallest guy (Sweeney at 185 pounds) and the average weight jumps to 223 pounds. Gracie got his early Christmas gift from Towers.

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