Off-Season Topic - Top 50 Free Agent: Predict Where They'll Go

Recently saw Tim Dierkes from MLB Trade Rumors as well as handful of other baseball writers come up with their top 50 free agents available this off season and predicted where all of them will end up. Since the off season is one of the more interesting time of the year during the whole baseball season, I figured why not do one right here at AZ Snakepit. It's a fun little thing to keep us occupied and it is actually a lot more challenging than many think. So here is the list of top 50 free agents (according to MLB Trade Rumors) and my predictions. I have to say, I'm probably only going to be right on half of these, but it's for fun anyway.


1.  Cliff Lee - Rangers. I might be one of the few that think Lee will sign with anyone other than the Rangers, but if I were him, I would stick with the Rangers.

2.  Carl Crawford - Angels.  Halos are looking for bats and where better to start than Mr. Crawford at top of your order.

3.  Adrian Beltre - Athletics. It's most likely going to be the Red Sox, but A's always come up with interesting signing here and there so why not? They need a power bat badly.

4.  Jayson Werth - Red Sox.  Red Sox will try to fight Yankees with offense as their rivals try to shore up their pitching staff. Battle of sword and shield here.

5. Adam Dunn - Cubs.  At this pace, I don't believe Dunn will be returning to the Nats. I believe he will thrive with the Cubs and would choose to sign with them instead of say, White Sox, because of the DH factor.

6.  Victor Martinez - Rockies I think Rockies will come in right here with a big signing. One more bat to watch out for in NL West in this case.

7.  Rafael Soriano - ? No idea. Diamondbacks are not going to sign him. Boras client + career year = ridiculous contract.

8.  Mariano Rivera - Yankees.  No explanation needed.

9.  Paul Konerko - White Sox.  He'll stick with the Sox. He's their heart and soul pretty much and will be tough to sell to their fans if they don't resign him. His friendship with Jerry Reinsdorf will help too.

10.  Derek Jeter - Yankees.  See Mariano Rivera. Matter of years in my opinion as opposed to dollars.

11.  Hiroki Kuroda - MarinersHe makes a lot of sense for us, but his salary and durability should be a concern. I think he'll likely be playing for the team with most Japanese players' history.

12.  Jorge De La Rosa - Rockies. I say he goes back to the Rockies, but plenty of suitors for the groundballer.

13.  Carl Pavano - Twins.  Again, another player returning to his former team. He'll be little expensive.

14.  Jake Westbrook - Cardinals.  Said to have enjoyed his time there and there is an interest back.

15.  Aubrey Huff - Giants.  Giants are going to bring back one of the biggest bargain of last off season, but with not so much bargain.

16.  Juan Uribe - Cardinals. They need help with their middle infield and could use a guy like Uribe.

17.  Carlos Pena - Nationals.  Going to stick with Tim's prediction as I have no idea where he might end up.

18.  Jim Thome - Twins. He shall be back DHing for the Twins.

19.  Vladimir Guerrero - Rangers.  I think Rangers will and should sign Vlad again, He's been a nice player for them and I think he has a good year or two left in him.

20.  Manny Ramirez - Rays. Manny going back to AL East as a Ray.

21.  Magglio Ordonez - Blue Jays.  Blue Jays will need a new DH once Lind moves over to first so it makes sense here.

22.  Orlando Hudson - Mets. I truly believe Orlando Hudson finally ends up at New York with a multiyear deal.

23.  Derrek Lee - None.  I don't think he'll have a home by this time with surplus of first base options and following a surgery.

24.  Lance Berkman - Diamondbacks.  I think we'll end up with the cheaper option at first in Berkman over Konerko and others. A bounceback candidate.

25.  Andy Pettitte - Yankees. Retirement or Yankees.

26.  Jon Garland - Mets. I think Alderson will be looking for innings loffer and who other than Jon Garland for that job.

27.  A.J. Pierzynski - Padres. Padres on a cheap, one year deal.

28.  Miguel Olivo - Marlins. He'll be back home with the fish.

29.  John Buck - Red Sox. The Sox showed interest in Buck this off season and with only Salty as their starting catching option, Buck makes a lot of sense here.

30.  Javier Vazquez - Nationals.  Nats are looking for starting pitcher this off season and with Vazquez preferring to stay in the East Coast, he'll return to the organization his career started with.

31.  Scott Downs - Red Sox.  Tough decision on their part as they'll have to give up their first rounder, but I think Downs will end up in bean town.

32.  J.J. Putz - Diamondbacks. He could get pricy, but I think this is where the Diamondbacks make their biggest splash.

33.  Brian Fuentes - Yankees. Another Diamondbacks possibility, but he'll probably end up with non closing situation.

34.  Adam LaRoche - Orioles.  Orioles make sense for Adam on a multiyear deal.

35.  Hisanori Takahashi - ? Little information on him.

36.  Pat Burrell - Dodgers. He could be a popular candidate on the market, but I think he could help the Dodgers with them not expected to spend too much.

37.  Joaquin Benoit - Rays.  The Rays will want him back with Soriano, Wheeler, and Balfour all most likely gone.

38.  Kevin Millwood - Padres.  Hoyer will try to pull Garland here on a one year deal.

39.  Kevin Correia - Brewers. Correia had a tough year, but I think he can bounce back nicely for the team that signs him. Brewers will give him the shot.

40.  Arthur Rhodes - Reds They said to be working on a new deal and no reason why either party should not want a reunion.

41.  Pedro Feliciano - Phillies. Workhorse will be pitching for the Phillies, but there should be concerns with all those innings pitched.

42.  Grant Balfour - Pirates. If we don't sign Kuroda or a starting pitcher, I think Balfour will be a nice addition to our bullpen as well, but if not, Pirates usually like to sign a reliever in the off season and he'll be their pick this time.

43.  Kerry Wood - Cubs.  Return to the Cubbies, Kerry.

44.  Scott Podsednik - Reds.  Perfect match. Lead off hitter who plays decent left field.

45.  Yorvit Torrealba - Dodgers.  Dodgers are anticipating to move Martin and Torrealba makes sense for them.

46.  Hideki Matsui - Mariners.  He'll be DHing for Seattle along side Ichiro Suzuki in their lineup.

47.  Johnny Damon - Yankees. He has a strong desire to come back and though he might not be starting, I think New York will welcome him back.

48.  Kevin Gregg - Braves.  Braves should be looking to add a reliever and he'll be a good veteran addition to thier young relief core.

49.  Koji Uehara - Orioles. I think he'll be back with the O's closing games.

50.  Brandon Webb - Nationals.  Our friend Webby will be reuniting with Mike Rizzo as he tries to resurrect his career.

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