Vintage Baseball Recap (Tucson Edition) 11/13

Since it's fresh in my mind, here's a quick little recap of the goings on in this weeks game's (the one's in Tucson anyway, the games up in the valley can be recapped by those that were there) And someone probably has pictures. So without any more setup...

We met on the field on a rather nice day down in the Old Pueblo. The three teams involved were the Tucson Saguaros, the (real) Bisbee Black Sox, and what were the Knickerbockers had suddenly transformed into the "Latin Stars", which was a bit misleading since nobody on their team was wearing togas.

The "Stars" part of the team name wasn't a misnomer though. These guys did things like "run fast" and "field well", which were foreign concepts to our Tucson minds. (I was told after our second game that one or more of the guys on that team are legit minor-leaguers.). Their pitcher also reminded me of Rex Ryan, and seemed to think that if a pitch hits the plate that it's totally a pitch that would be a strike under regular rules.  We held them to 12 runs (Which was progress for us), but we only got one, but in a way that maybe the D'Backs could accomplish (in the bad way): An Inside The Park Home Run on a short grounder to second.

I didn't watch the second game, went to a sandwich place/bar instead. At said sandwich place/bar the waitress lady mixed up Phil's and my cards, so I got charged for his and Jenna's meal. Then it was fixed, and now I spent 30 bucks on something that cost me 9 (Hope that's fixed with Chase by Monday, or imma choke someone).

What was I talking about? Oh right, the game. It was 26-0 in favor of the Latin Stars over the Black Sox. Can't really say much beyond that.

The third game pitted the Saguaros against our natural (because we play them 5,000 times) rivals the Bisbee Black Sox. By vintage standards, this was a pitcher's duel. They got one run in the first, and we added three in the bottom of the inning (including one by yours truly, who said the required "TallyMaster I scored an ace", backwards.) Some surprise good defense by the Saguaros held them in check, and we added two more aces.

In the Top of the 6th, our Rover (The guy who can move around at will, in case you didn't read any of the previous recaps) had to skedaddle. This left us with 8 people in the field, which is quite a disadvantage as you could imagine. The Black Sox managed to add two more in that inning, it was tenser than some bad metaphor that I should put here.

After going quietly in the bottom of the 6th, we used our get help from the audience lifeline and had snakepitter Emily play third for us, and we got em. As I just put in my facebook status: The Tucson Saguaros will not go the way of the 2008 Detroit Lions. Got that out of the way.

There was a good snakepit prescence here. As mentioned before, myself and Skins play for the Saguaros. Justin tallymastered the first two games and arbitrated the third. Emily and Jenna tallymastered the third and, as I mentioned above, Emily came in to play for us when we were shorthanded.

Next week the Saguaros play at Bisbee. By at Bisbee, I mean a different park in Tucson. You should be there, if you like.

Others can fill in the blanks I may have inadvertently put in.

Insert witty closing here.

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