Diamondbacks 1, Dodgers 3; It was the best at times it was the worst at times.

2010 Season Record: 65-97.

So, here we are, 6 months later and the Diamondbacks 13th season is in the books.  A season that started with cautious hope ends in frustrating matter.  We sent out Rodrigo Lopez and the Dodgers countered with an old favorite, Ted Lilly.  The Diamondback offense once again reached double digits in strike outs with 12 of them and was unable to really get anything going at the plate.  And thanks to this our place in 3rd is secure for Tankapalooza 2010.   More details of the game and the season in general after the jump.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago, we were sitting out in the grass getting sun burnt at Spring Training games.  Hope sprung eternal and most of us thought this team would finish somewhere between 84 to 88 wins.  At seasons end, here we sit with 65 wins instead, looking up at the rest of the Division. 

With the help of Charles Dickens and "A Tale of Two Cities", let’s review briefly the season and in more detail, today’s game.  Since I like to think of myself as a glass half full guy, I want to save the best for later.

It was the worst at times:

We had early foreshadowing on how the season would go as early as April 15th against these same Dodgers at home.  Chad Qualls got a bouncing ball on a 0-2 count that went to Stephen Drew.  Drew hurried his throw and ended up lobbing the ball into the dugout.  This became Qualls 2nd consecutive blown save of the young season.  We had a win expectancy of more than 95% at one point late in this game and still blew it.  A theme we would soon come to realize all too frequently.

Two nights later, Juan Gutierrez wasting a fine outing by Edwin Jackson in blowing a game against the Padres 6-3.  We went into the 9th winning.

We literally found new and inventive ways to lose:  We lost in a walk off walk; we lost on the walk off balk

While our bullpen was pushing the half century mark on blown leads and saves, our offense would find itself in deep hibernation.  We went a stretch in early June of 31 consecutive innings without scoring.  And then there are those pesky strike outs.  We had six players in triple digits and as a team; we raked up 1529 strike outs.  This was more than good enough to blow away the old record of the Brewers back in 2001 when they had 1399 strike outs.  Not all was bleak on the offense though as I will point out later.

For today’s game, we managed only 4 hits off of Ted Lilly and struck out 12 times  If you look at our line up, you would have thought it was a spring training game instead.  We put out our ‘C’ line up to support Lopez.  Tony Abreu got a hit to start the game and even stole 2nd, but nothing came of it.  In the 3rd, Abreu makes a fielding error, but gets out it on a James Loney Double Play.  We left 6 on base for the game, with three of them left in scoring position.  Lopez pitched a fairly decent game.  His only trouble came right away in the first. Adre  Ethier singles and apparently standing under an umbrella makes a world of difference as Matt Kemp promptly comes up and smacks a deep home run to center field.  This would prove to be all the offense the Dodgers needed.  I was hoping we could make Lilly have another fit like the one on the gif for the game day thread, but apparently all that glove smacking disturbed the mound as in the 5th inning, Ted had the grounds crew come out and shore up the mound a bit.  Our bullpen struggled there in the 7th loading the bases with Dodgers twice.  Leo Rosales replace Jordan Norberto who took over in the 6th from Lopez, and allowed two singles and a walk to load them up.  Mike Hampton comes in allowing Ethier to single scoring one run.  A second runner, Ryan Theriot, was thrown out at the plate.  After walking Kemp, Hampton gets Loney to ground out.

It was the best at times:

Our only scoring came in the 4th inning when Rusty Ryal led off with a ground rule double. Branden Allen flies out to deep right allowing Ryal to tag and move to 3rd base.  Gerardo Parra comes up after a Ryan Roberts strike out and singles to shallow left allowing Ryal to score our only run of the day.  Other than the first inning, Lopez had a fairly decent outing.  He did throw 94 pitches in 5 innings, but he also struck out 6 Dodgers.  He also accomplished something he has only done once before in his career and that was to go 200 innings in a season.  Not bad at all for a guy who won this job at Spring Training as a #5 starter.

What could be good about a season like this you ask?  June 25th, Edwin Jackson throws a 149 pitch no hitter, that’s what.  It was as strange and somewhat bountiful year for perfectos and no hitters with Jackson getting one of the strangest statistical wise.  He had 6 strike outs and 8 walks for the game.  There was some gnashing of teeth from sports writers back east about his pitch count, but it was certainly one of our bright spots of the season.

While there was a lot of talk in some circles about our strike outs, little attention was paid to the rest of the story on the offense.  We had 180 home runs which was good enough for 3rd best in the NL according to  We hit 300 doubles which puts us 2nd in the NL. Adam LaRoche got to 100RBI’s on the season.  We went from 124 errors last season to 101 this season.

2010 saw some major change up in players and management.  Conor Jackson in Oakland, we get Sam Demel, Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson, Qualls, and Vhris Snyder all go by the trade deadline and in return we get players like Daniel Hudson, Ian Kennedy, which should give us some hope going forward.   Gone are AJ Hinch and GM Josh Byrnes, in are Kirk Gibson and Kevin Towers.  They jury will be out on this one for a while.  We will see shortly what kind of other player moves will be made.

So ends our 13th season of baseball in the desert.  The Arizona Diamondbacks finish at 65-97, winning 40-41 at home and going 25-56 on the road. 


Master of his Domain: C Gillespie, +4.6%
God-Emperor of Suck: K Schmidt, -13.2%

The final roll call for game 162:  DbacksSkins, Clefo, zzzzzzz, Torpedosneak, 4 Corners Fan, unnamedDBacksfan, Rockkstarr12, snakecharmer, kishi, Azreous, soco, justin1985, IHateSouthBend, xmet, blank_38, hotclaws, Reynolds rapper, brian custer, Wailord

soco led the way with 79, I came in 2nd with 51 and Clefo ahd 36. soco also gets the CoTG as it was the only one green.  This goes back to the fit Lilly was having about the mound in the middle of the game today.



the reason why there’s something wrong with the mound is because you keep throwing your mitt down on it in a fit of anger.

That's the one thing that trumps religion...capitalism.

by soco on Oct 3, 2010 2:33 PM PDT reply actions   4 recs



Thanks to everyone for an interesting season.  Whether I agreed or disagreed, I always felt I learned something new.  As Jim once said, at the end of the day, there is more to bring us together than there is to tear us apart.  Or something along those lines.  A special thanks to Jim for making year 4 on the pit for me a good one.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Until we meet again:  so long.

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