2011 Amateur Draft: Early Discussion

Like every mid market team, the Diamondbacks heavily rely on their scouting department and development of younger players for their big league success. With many of the big names already in fold and getting settled into our system, we have two more important pieces coming in through the upcoming draft. Because of the unfortunate Barrett Loux happening, (though it might work out well for us since this draft is stocked with talent)we have two high picks to our advantage. So let's take a look at some of the options that are available. Names that will be discussed along with Jarrod Parker, Tyler Skaggs, Bobby Borchering, Matt Davidson, Chris Owings, and others.

No. 3 Overall

Many names to consider here since pretty much one of the best players will be available. So I think we should go for this as a take whoever best is left after the first two picks. Names? They are ridiculously good.

3B Anthony Rendon - 3B from Rice is undoubtably the most talented position player available in this year's draft and unarguable 1st pick by many experts. So why would he fall to us at #3? He just had a surgery which will slow down his season which could hurt his draft status. But his raw ability and potential is too hard to pass up.

RHP Gerrit Cole - UCLA product who was already once drafted in the first round (by the Yankees) is one of those safe yet high upside pick. He has a great size at 6-4 220lbs who throws four different pitches. He is said to have poise and is polished on mound who is projected to be top of the rotation pitcher.

LHP Matt Purke - Lefty from TCU who declined the offer to join Texas Rangers two years ago for college. He is a hard throwing lefty and in the world where an ace potential southpaw is a r

are find, this ability gives him another hands up.

LHP Daniel Norris - While he may not be as polished or MLB close like the first three mentioned, he is the best prep pitcher available and is quite some talent. Hard throwing and good frame with more room for growth. Has true ace potential.

My Choice - Matt Purke

I just think hard throwing and talented lefty like Purke is to hard to pass up on. He is a true ace potential pitcher who could help out our team in couple of years. With all of our talent coming up within few years, there's no need to wait for the likes of Norris. By the time Purke is ready to pitch for the Diamondbacks, we should already have Parker and Daniel Hudson solidified in rotation with Skaggs coming up as well. That should give us one of the most dynamic rotation in baseball.


No. 7 Overall

This one should be little harder on Diamondbacks since this pick is "unprotected." This does not mean that we have to give this pick up if we sign a Type A free agent but we cannot receive a compensation pick the next year if we don't sign this pick since this is already a compensation pick from the previous draft. So signability will be an issue here. Interesting names for this slot as well.

RHP Sonny Gray - Small framed pitcher from Vandy can flat out pitch. Though he lacks in size, he can pitch down in the zone using good command of his baseball and get guys out.

RHP Taylor Jungmann Texas Longhorns ace, he is a huge guy who pounds the strike zone using his 6-6 frame. He is very competitive coming from a tough school and he should be a fast mover through the system. Top to mid rotation starter potential if not better.

OF Jackie Bradley - Probably the best prep hitter with tremendous raw power. If we can be patient with him and let him rise through the system, he and Wagner Mateo should be somekind of

prospects to look forward to.

My Choice - Jackie Bradley

With many starting pitching prospects on their way already, I believe there's no need to have another pitcher and pass up on a talent like Bradley. Besides the big four in Parker, Hudson, Skaggs, and possibly Purke, we also have Charles Brewer, Chase Anderson, Wade Miley, Barry Enright, and Mike Belfiore in the mix. So taking a chance on high upside Bradley is a good idea in my opinion.



I know a lot could change between now and the June draft. But this is a crucial draft for the Diamondbacks and a chance to redeem himself of all the bad drafts for Kevin Towers. So I'm very looking forward to what we are going to do with many high picks.

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