The Draft Pick Signing thread

With the 2009 draft signing deadline approaching us on the 17th, I thought it'd be appropriate to list off those who have and haven't signed with us. Special thanks to the DBBP for the list.

Round Overall Player Position School State Team 

1 16 Bobby Borchering 3B Bishop Verot HS, Fort Myers, Fla. Fla. -Missoula
1 17 A.J. Pollock OF Notre Dame Ind. - South Bend 
1s 35 Matt Davidson 1B Yucaipa (Calif.) HS Calif. - Yakima 
1s 41 Chris Owings SS Gilbert (S.C.) HS S.C. - Missoula 
1s 45 Michael Belfiore OF/P Boston College Mass. - Missoula 
2 60 Eric Smith RHP Rhode Island R.I. - Missoula 
2 64 Marc Krauss OF Ohio Ohio - South Bend 
3 95 Keon Broxton 3B Santa Fe (Fla.) CC Fla. - Missoula 
4 126 David Nick SS Cypress (Calif.) HS Calif. - Missoula 
5 156 Ryan Wheeler 1B Loyola Marymount Calif. - Yakima 
6 186 Bradin Hagens RHP Merced (Calif.) JC Calif. - Missoula 

7 216 Matt Helm 3B Hamilton HS, Chandler, Ariz. Ariz. 
8 246 Paul Goldschmidt 1B Texas State Texas - Missoula 
9 276 Chase Anderson RHP Oklahoma Okla. - Missoula 
10 306 Tyson Van Winkle C Gonzaga Calif. - Yakima 
11 336 Richard Allen RHP Lyman HS, Longwood, Fla. Fla. -Missoula 
12 366 Charles Brewer RHP UCLA Calif. - Missoula 

13 396 Patrick Schuster LHP Mitchell HS, New Port Richey, Fla. Fla. -Missoula
14 426 Brent Greer SS Western Carolina N.C. - Yakima 
15 456 David Narodowski SS Kansas Kan.- Missoula 
16 486 Ryan Robowski LHP Ohio Dominican Ohio - Missoula 
17 516 Andrew Wolcott RHP Duke N.C. - Yakima 
18 546 Roidany Aguila C Colegio Nuestra Senora de la Providencia HS, Rio Piedras, P.R. - Missoula 
19 576 Randy Hamrick SS Brewton-Parker (Ga.) Ga. - Yakima 
20 606 Adam Worthington RHP Illinois-Chicago Ill. - Missoula 
21 636 Daniel Taylor RHP Central Michigan Mich. - Yakima 
22 666 Evan Button SS Mississippi Miss. - Yakima 
23 696 Christopher Odegaard RHP Minnesota State-Mankato Minn. -Yakima 
24 726 Brad Gemberling RHP Princeton N.J. - Yakima 

25 756 Taylor Wrenn SS Manatee (Fla.) JC Fla. 
26 786 Daniel Kaczrowski SS Hamline (Minn.) Minn.- Yakima 
27 816 Jake Hale RHP Ohio State Ohio -Yakima 
28 846 Brian Budrow RHP Utah Utah - Yakima 

29 876 Jacob Williams 1B Brophy Prep, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz. 
30 906 Jack Marder SS Newbury Park (Calif.) HS Calif. 
31 936 Keith Cantwell RHP Seton Hall N.J. - Missoula 
32 966 Will Harvill RHP Georgia Ga. - Yakima 
33 996 Brad Wilson RHP Cal Poly Pomona Calif. - Yakima 

34 1026 Patrick Cooper RHP Des Moines Area JC Iowa 
35 1056 Zach Morgan RHP Shasta (Calif.) JC Calif. 
36 1086 Mike Freeman SS Clemson S.C. 
37 1116 Chris Jenkins OF Westchester (Calif.) HS Calif. 
38 1146 Trevon Prince LHP (No School) Calif. 
39 1176 Ryan Jones OF Wichita State Kan. 
40 1206 Tim Sherlock OF Duke N.C. - Yakima 
41 1236 Cade Kreuter 3B Hart HS, Newhall, Calif. Calif. 
42 1266 Zach Hendrix 2B Emerald Ridge HS, Puyallup, Wash. Wash. 
43 1296 Brooklyn Foster C Walnut Grove SS, Langley, B.C. 
44 1326 Zach Varnell C Arkansas-Pine Bluff Ark. - Yakima 
45 1356 Beau Amaral OF Huntington Beach (Calif.) HS Calif. 
46 1386 Matt Ozanne OF Notre Dame Prep, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz. 
47 1416 Mario Gallardo LHP West Los Angeles JC Calif. 
48 1446 Juan Avila OF Narbonne HS, Harbor City, Calif. Calif. 
49 1476 Jordan Luvisi OF Notre Dame Prep, Scottsdale, Ariz. Ariz. 
50 1506 Frank Abbl RHP Mesa (Ariz.) CC Ark.

*players signed in bold

I would say the Dbacks have done well, signing 10 of their first 11 picks, and 34 out of their 55 picks signed. I wouldn't worry too much about Borchering not signing yet. From what I hear, Borchering is more than likely going to sign once the deadline gets closer.

Nick Piecoro / The Arizona Republic

Diamondbacks scouting director Tom Allison would like nothing more than to have news on his top pick, third baseman Bobby Borchering but instead said negotiations are in a holding pattern.


"It's kind of been 'hurry up and wait' so far," Allison said. "It's a matter of wait and see."

The Diamondbacks have offered Borchering, the No. 16 overall pick out of a Fort Myers, Fla., high school, a deal that includes a $1.5 million signing bonus. The club gave outfielder A.J. Pollock, the No. 17 overall pick, a $1.4 million bonus last month.


Allison noted that waiting to sign until the deadline - which this year is Aug. 17 - has become the rule rather than the exception.

"It's the process more than the player or the adviser," he said. "Only 12 guys in the first round have signed and it's July 24. That's the reality. And the guy it hurts the most is the high school position player."

Allison would like Borchering to be getting experience in rookie ball in advance of his first full season next year in Class A.



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