Top 10 Movie Stars of All Time

Bill Goodykoontz listed his Top Ten Movie Stars in Sunday's Arizona Republic...and Bill Goodykoontz (if that's his real name) can kindly get off my lawn. I define Movie Star as one who fills the frame with duende (or in the case of the ladies, "vim and vigor"), and who I cant help but watch. My Movie Stars also tend to portray "themselves", and have iconic faces or mannerisms, rather than be the most talented or versatile thespians - hence no Laurence Olivier or Meryl Streep.   

My list, after the jump...

I always wanted to say that..."after the jump"....and gosh, it was exhilarating

But alas, there was no jump. I was promised a jump, people!

Here's the damn list (as if you couldnt already see it):


10. James Dean - his magnetic good looks and tense characters are indelible

10. Clint Eastwood - assimilated the Sergio Leone, Dirty Harry and later roles, into one powerful screen persona

9. Audrey Hepburn - redefined feminine style. Not a revered actress, but loved on and off the screen.

8. Jack Nicholson - grinning antihero with the arched eyebrow has been at this film thing for fifty years. Time flies.   

7. Jimmy Stewart - Capra's everyman (Hanks before Hanks)

6. Bette Davis - frightening, powerful, occasionally sexy - magnificent early actress who commanded attention

5. John Wayne - one of the most recognizable, iconic figures in film

4. Kate Hepburn - Garbo's natural presence, Streep's cultivated intelligence

3. Cary Grant - template for romantic leads, and a gifted comic actor. I appreciate him more as I get older

2. Humphrey Bogart - scarred drunk & unlikely leading man who crafted unforgettable roles. AFI's #1 Male movie star

1. Marlon Brando - bigger than just about any movie he was in...and he carried some of the greatest movies ever

Those are my ten larger than life movie stars, and no, I'm not gay.  My three favorite actors are probably Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck and Alec Guiness. Favorite actresses include Debra Winger and old-timer Claudette Colbert, and no, I'm still not gay.  

Well, I'm glad all that's so painlessly settled.

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