Diamondbacks 0, Royals 5: Complete Embarrassment

Mike Jacobs contributed nicely to the cause of the Diamondbacks latest loss this Tuesday night to the Kansas City Royals, doubling twice and scoring once to help KC put away our slithery little friends 5-0.  Of course, had everyone in the outfield taken off their failure goggles, it's quite possible that Jacobs would have been held hitless, as both doubles were pop flies which cruely dropped despite being covered fairly well by our fielders.  The first of which was missed by our dear Justin Upton, who appeared to have the catch at the track, only to realize it was about 5 feet behind him about 5 seconds too late.  So was the story of the night, which doesn't even include the ridiculous three errors commited on the night.

Of course, the game appeared out of control from the very get-go, and I'd be shocked if the Fangraph even gave the Diamondbacks half a chance to win after the first alone.  The first three batters in Felipe Lopez, Gerardo Parra, and Justin Upton, flew out to left twice and struck out looking respectively.  Our response on the pitching side?  How about 36 pitches from Doug Davis, which coincided with the following events.

David Dejesus strikes out swinging.

Willie Bloomquist singles to left.

Bloomquist steals second, advances to third on bad throw from Miguel Motero (first error of the night!)

Billy Butler walks.

Jose Guillen walks.

Miguel Olivo grounds into fielder's choice, Butler out at 3rd, Bloomquist scores.

Mike Jacobs strikes out swinging.

It was hideous to watch, no doubt made worse by Doug Davis's could-it-possibly-be-even-more-slow-in-person pitching style.  Still, 36 pitches, an error, two walks, and you still only give up one run?  Maybe I should have been more hopeful for the remainder of the game?  Alas, I was not, and rightfully so.

Another foul moment of the night featured Ryan Roberts attempting to steal 2nd on a wild pitch, only to get thrown out, slaying momentum in the 8th that might have just led to ONE RUN.  My confidence in this team is oozing.  In the same inning, except on the Royals side now, Mike Jacobs pops up another one to left field.  Who's got it?  Roberts?  Drew?  Parra?  No one?  If you guessed D, you'd be absolutely correct, and in this case D stands for double which was Jacobs' second underserved hit of the night.  Three errors and two dropped doubles all led to runs, four in total.  The only run of the night the Royals did not have handed to them on a silver snake-shaped platter was a decent series of hits leading to a Mark Teahen score in the 2nd.  That said, the Diamondbacks still would have lost 1-0, thanks to the stellar shut down of the lineup at the hands of Gil Meche.

As a Kansas Citian and lover of the Royals, it's worth noting that Gil Meche is a good pitcher and he had a good night.  But to be unable to muster up one run, or even more than four hits, on a guy with 3-5 record (4-5 now of course) and 130+ pitches on the night is simply bothersome.  Much of the night the offense just failed to show up, and many potential hits went straight to Royals position players such as a one Alberto Callaspo, who was a key defensive cog on this night for the Royals.  All in all, another poor showing for the Diamondbacks in a season full of many, but at least it was a good night for KC who won their fourth straight and got Gil Meche a complete game shutout. 

Please do pardon my angry rantings, if this was your first Diamondbacks game you'd be sad too.

P.S. - I totally called the hot dog race at least, Mustard won (in your face Relish).

Fangraph goes here?



Not even the ASU game got any attention in the GDT, as they blew a 6-0 lead to lose 10-6. (Sound familiar?) Incredibly quiet, depressing gameday thread today. hotclaws was tops with 29. Yeah, 29. Also present were Sprankton, ASUJon, Jim McLennan, snakecharmer, gasgarza, kishi, emilylovesthedbacks, unnamedDBacksfan, TwinnerA, Scrbl, and soco.

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