Josh Byrnes Q&A 8/23

By popular demand, I will attempt to recreate the questions and answers from the Q&A over the weekend.  As previously noted, I didn't take notes so I cannot guarantee a complete account.  If anyone has a more accurate answer or question, please jump in.  Okay?  Let's go.

Bullpen. What gives?  You still confident in Lyons, or what?

Well, yes.  We are.  Day to day usage is dependent on match-ups, previous work, et cetera.

Any plans for September Call-ups?

It's coming up in a week and Scherzer and Upton are definites.  Scherzer was built up to 85 pitches in case they needed him to replace Davis today for a start, who apparently has an ailing back.  Upton is looking good and rehabbed, right now they're trying to get his swing back.  Both are eligible for the postseason roster.

Any possibility for the 2011 ASG?

Have they even announced 2010? [ed. Yes, they have for Anaheim]  Other than that, we're confident we can make a run for it, and MLB believes in rewarding franchises that are run well, but it's still at least a year from being announced.

Obligitary Byrnes V. Quentin question?

Context is needed, we weren't sure the extent his injuries played in his poor play last year, and we wanted to clean up the various spots going into Spring Training. Transition into investing money into pitching instead of offense the past few years.

Were you aware of Byrnes' second half slumps?


Who will be on the AZFL roster this year?

Expect a roster soon, as they're still working on it.  Apparently Byrnes has volunteered to work out in it?  Note: the Diamondbacks will be associated with the Desert Dogs who play in Phoenix Muni, not the Scorpions in Scottsdale.

What's the daily life of a GM?

Evaluating talent, answering phones, email, wake up early and go to sleep wait, but hey, free bagels! [ed. the last part may be an exaggeration by the writer]

What was Byrnes' injury?

He tore a ligament [ed. I think?] about a centimeter of the bone.

What will happen in the outfield when Upton comes back?

We don't know.  Acknowledges possibility of signing Dunn.

How is the Webb extension going?

Well, it's been tabled at a good spot.  The Player's Union about certain symbolic victories, so don't expect much of a hometown discount.

Do you like doing Q&A's?


Ryal for second base?

Eh, higher impact would be nice.

2009 for Randy, in a Diamondbacks uniform or somewhere else?

That depends on what Randy wants to do, we want him back if he wants us.

Reynolds has problem with D, would 2nd be a better option?

Yes, he has trouble sometimes, but mainly from throwing.  They would consider plugging him in at 2nd, but [JB] comes from Cleveland School of Second Base Is Offense First.  Tracy doesn't seem to be an option at 3rd.



Why does our baserunning suck?

We expect it to get better, and it will get better.  Part of it might be [in regards to the stealing being down] is having Byrnes out of the lineup.

Draft Strategy?

We want to take what's best on the board, even if we already have that spot filled since you don't know what the future holds.  More draft picks means more room to take high risk, high reward players.

What is the future of the Diamondbacks in Tucson with the Sidewinders and White Sox (and then potentially the Rockies) skipping town?

Grim.  A push is being made to have all of the Cactus League in Phoenix, and the teams are shooting for a 12 month developmental cycle, things going on all year round.  No word on where the Diamondbacks would train if they come to the Valley.

Any chance on AAA coming back to Tucson?

Nope, you're pretty much SOL.

Then Jeff Munn thanked us for coming and there was a raffle.  The wife and I won a Doug Davis signed ball!  

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