Off Season Moves 2007/2008: Reviewed

Before you ask, No this post won't need "the picture"  Instead I thought I'd take a look at how the off season deals are working out so far for the Diamondbacks, looking at how our departed free agents as well as trades in and out have performed so far this season (I don't have the time to look at the minor league FA signings sadly). I'm not looking to make a point of whether a particular trade was worth it, but more looking from a collective standpoint of how the Diamondbacks moves have played out for both players in and out. The stats I've used are simple ones from and  some might say overly simplistic but again it's just a light review after just over 1/4 of the season so go easy on me!  



Players In

Dan Haren: SP    (Ari)   

 9 GS  57.1 IP  5-2    3.14 ERA   SO45   BB 10

Haren has provided us with a much needed Number 2 and arguably co-ace in our rotation and had the bullpen pitched a little better in his starts, might very well be on 6 or 7 wins to date.



Chad Qualls: RP (Ari)

24 G 23 IP   0-4   1 SV   2.74 ERA  24 SO  10 BB

Chad has gone alongway to replacing Jose Valverde and keeping the Diamondbacks with 4 solid "top end relievers" despite an 0-4 record. Part of the Valverde trade, Qualls has been solid particularly early on when Pena and Cruz were struggling. During May he's struggled a little himself with a 8.59 ERA during May but he's shown enough talent to be counted on.

Billy Buckner: SP   (Tus)   



10 GS 54.1 IP 2-4 5.30 ERA   SO 30  BB 23

Our return from trading Callaspo, Bucker is only 24 and still developing whilst playing on an awful Tuscon side that currently stands at a dire 16-31 record.  Young pitchers are always hard to project and I can't profess to ever having seen the guy play so the jury is out for the time being.

Connor Robertson:  RP (Tus)

19G  32.1 IP  4-2  5.01 ERA  32SO  14BB

Part of the Haren deal, Robertson like seemingly every pitcher, not named Sherzer, has been shelled down at AAA Tuscon  but has helped himself to 4 wins in the process it's also worth noting that over his last 10 appearences he's pitched 19 innings  for a 2.84 ERA only giving up 6 runs with 3 of those coming in one outing. Robertson seems the type of guy that could fill in the long guy role should we lose Gonzalez or Medders on waivers.


Juan Gutierrez:  SP (Tus)

10 GS   51 IP   1-8   5.65 ERA   38 SO  19 BB

I sound like a broken record already but Gutierez joins the collective Tuscon suckage down at AAA. Part of the Valverde deal Gutierez has  A pitiful  1-8 record tells the story and in his last 3 starts he's given up 15 ER in 13 1/3 inning of work. Again the guy is only 24 so time will tell.

Jose Marte: RP (Vis/Mob)

15 G  22.1IP  2-1  3SV  3.63 ERA  20 SO  10 BB

25 year old reliever Marte was aquired at the end of March for out of options pitcher Dustin Nippert.  Marte pitched well in 9 appearences at single A picking up 3 saves in 9 appearences compiling a 1.93 ERA. Promoted to AA Mobile, Marte has struggled somewhat giving up 6ER in just 8.1 innings.


Chris Burke: OF/INF (Ari)

30 G   59 AB  11 H  7 R  0 HR  .186 AVG  .526 OPS

Whilst proving versatile and able to play just about anywhere in the field, Burke hasn't converted a successful spring at the plate into regular season production with a dissapointing .526 OPS furthermore his average is well down from its around .250 average. Burke should heat up and when that happens he's a guy you want on your bench.


 Trot Nixon: OF/1B (Tus)

42 G  122 AB  37 H 27 R    6 HR   24 RBI   .303 AVG  1.013 OPS

The former Red Sox outfielder signed  terms after battling it out during spring training for the final spot on the roster before losing out to Alex Romero. Somewhat surprisingly Trot agreed to a minor league assignment and after a slow start has played pretty well batting over .300. With the recent injury concerns of Byrnes and the continuing doubts over Chad Tracy we could well see Trot in the majors again before too long.


Joshn Whitesell: 1B (Tus)

40 G  154 AB  42 H  31 R  9 HR  30 RBI  .273 AVG  .864 OPS

Whitesell was a waiver claim from the Nationals in mid March and is providing decent numbers at AAA Tuscon. Sadly at 26 he's running out of time to make an impact but given that he's a left handed bat a September callup isn't beyond the realms of possibility given his decent production in a poor Tuscon lineup.




 Players Out

 Livan Hernandez: SP (Min)

10 GS   65 IP   6-2   3.88 ERA   21 SO  11BB

Livan has had a rollercoaster since he left the NL West champs in November. Originally expected to get a 3-4 year deal in the 30 million range, Livan ended up signing a 1 year $5-7 Million dollar deal with the AL Twins. At the time most of us seemed to think that the AL would eat up Livo' but somewhat surprisngly the veteran right hander has gone 6-2 with a sub 4.00 ERA with an average looking Twins side.

Dana Eveland: SP (Oak)

10 GS  62.0 IP  4-3  2.90 ERA  44 SO  24 BB

Part of the Haren deal Eveland has hardly impressed during his brief spells in the bigs with the Diamondbacks but has impressed in a rebuilding A's side and is sporting an impressive 2.90 ERA.

Gregg Smith: SP (Oak)

9 GS  56 2/3 IP  2-4  3.18 ERA  45 SO  22BB

Smith wasn't considered major league ready when traded as part of the Haren deal but has more then held his own in the big leagues with Oakland, keeping his side in games with a 3.18 ERA and logging around 6 innings per start.

Jose Valverde: RP (Hou)

24 G  25 IP  4-1  14 SV  3.60 ERA  31 SO  8BB

After a shaky start Papa Grande has settled down and hasn't given up a run since April 17th compiling 13 saves in that time out of 14 overall.

Dustin Nippert: RP (Tex)

6 G  8 2/3 IP  1-2  16.62 ERA  6 SO  8 BB

Poor Dustin was assumed to have the final spot in the D-Backs bullpen nailed down going into spring training. Sadly a bad spring combined with a good effort by Brandon Medders meant that the out of options Nippert was traded to the Rangers where since, well, Nightmare comes to mind. Dustin has given up 16 ER in just 8.2 innings which is over halfway towards what he gave up in 2007 but in 37 fewer innings. He has since been placed on the DL and I really hope that is the reason for his poor displays this year.

Brett Anderson: SP (Oak Class A)

9GS  44 1/3 IP  5-4  5.68 ERA  45 SO  14BB

The 20 year old was part of the Haren deal and clearly has good stuff based on 45 strikeouts compared with only 14BB. Sadly this is tempered by the fact Anderson has given up 49 hits in only 44 innings which has contributed to a lofty 5.58 ERA.


Carlos Quentin: OF (CWS)

44 G  153 AB  45 H  32 R  12 HR  38 RBI  .294 AVG  .996 OPS



Alberto Callaspo:  SS/OF (KAN)

25G  59AB  17H  2R  0 HR  3RBI  .288AVG  .703OPS

A Change of scenery was probably needed for Callaspo who had torn up AAA for years but never really done it on the major league level. So far this year Callaspo has been mainly used to spot regular starters but boasts a respectable .288 average.


Tony Clark: 1B (SD)

33G  42AB  10H  1R  0HR  1RBI  .238AVG  .635OPS

Like Hernandez, Clark probably felt dissapointed when he signing a 1 yar deal for around $1 million with the Padres to fill a place on their bench. Such dissapointment should be felt as he had a perfectly good 2 year deal from the Diamondbacks on the table which he turned down so he could get 400+ bats. Have fun on that bench down in San Diego Tony. Even more dissapointing for the vetern first baseman would be the fact he doesn't have an RBI since March.

Chris Carter: 1B (Oak Single A)

45 G  165AB  38H  33R  11HR  29RBI  .230AVG  .839OPS

Chris Carter V2.0 was a Diamondback for a couple of weeks, coming over in the Quinten trade before being flipped as part of the Haren deal.  Since then Carter has continued to show power potential but at the expense of his batting average.

Carlos Gonzalez: OF (Oak AAA)

33 G  126 AB  37 H  17 R  3 HR  16 RBI  .294 AVG  .774 OPS

CarGon was deemed surpluss to requirements given the progress of Justin Upon  and Chris Young, as well as the performances of Eric Byrnes and so it was little surprise to see him traded in order to get more starting pitching. Touted for a spot on the opening day roster, Gonzalez instead has to settle for more time at AAA where he has done well without setting the world on fire. In particular the fact he has just 3 HR in 126 AB will dissapoint many.

Aaron Cunningham: OF (Oak AA)

18 G  73 AB  22H  10R  2 HR  8 RBI  .301 AVG  .804 OPS

Good numbers from the final part of the Haren trade. Cunningham is showing decent dicipline and production at the plate so far down at AA Midland Rockhounds.


So that's the major deals covered and I'd have to say I don't think the Diamondbacks can say they particularly wish they had any of the guys lost on the major league level(with one exception who shall not be named) Whilst Bruke isn't Tony Clark v2007 he is just as good as Clark v 2008 and Haren is an upgrade on Livo. Furthermore given how well Lyon is settling into the closers role Qualls seems a good fit for the void left by Valverde.  As for the youngsters im surprised at how well Smith and Eveland have pitched for the A's particularly as I only saw Eveland as a throw in. Also I'd have picked Gonzalez to be the biggest performer for Oakland this year but even Greg Smith is outperforming him in terms of immediate value.  As for the other kids, both in and out, well only time will tell especially given the car crash that is the Tuscon Sidewinders this year. Again this is a tiny sample size and it's a long season to go but it's nice to see how former guys are performing :)

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