Updating EB vs Q, Vs. Hairston D backs Watch

Jim hasn't had time lately to update this section of the site, so I thought I would lend a helping hand, and add a little "nuance" to things.  ;)

OPS+ since the begginning of the  2008 season:

Quentin 161  OPS+

Hairston 91 OPS+

Byrnes  70 OPS+


Unadjusted Raw numbers

Quentin:  149 PA's,  .288/.403/.568 9 HR  29 RBI  3 SB  2 CS

Hairston:   121 PA's  .229/.277/.431  5 HR  11 RBI   1 SB  0 CS

Byrnes:  159 PA's,  .226/.289/.377   3 HR  15 RBI  4 SB, 2 CS


Note:  Q plays in a very homer friendly home park, and of course Chase helps inflate offense too, while Petco is the most extreme pitchers park in baseball, so providing both OPS+ and the unadjusted numbers helps add a little depth and clarity to the comparison. (Jim, might I suggest adding OPS+ to your line as you update throughout the season?)

And finally, since the day Hairston was traded, July 28th,  here is the comparison between Byrnes and Hairston. (Q played very little after July 28th  last year so I didn't bother sticking him in here.)

Hairston  217 PA's,  196 AB    .255/.304/..526  13 HR  31 RBI  1 SB, 0 CS, 1 GIDP

Byrnes  392 PA's,  356 AB's,  .233/.306/.374  8 HR  39 RBI, 27 SB, 3 CS, 13 GIDP

Hairston aint all that, I agree.  He's not as good a hitter as I thought he'd become. But he's still a better hitter than Byrnes.  EB is a better fielder, by far, but Byrnes would have to play LF, CF, & RF all at the same time to earn that 3 yr. 30 million contract,  and be worth the difference between what they are paying him and what they could have been paying Q or Hairston.    Since the day he signed  that extension,  he's totally sucked, and the numbers prove it CONCLUSIVELY beyond any reasonable form of debate or argument.  He got that extension on the strength of a two month hot stretch in May and June that hoodwinked ownership into thinking he was better than he really was.  What a shame. What a waste.

Signing Byrnes cost this team Q, and cost this team Hairston, and saddled themselves with an albatross.   I'm sure he'll hit better than he has lately.......he's not as bad as his last 3 weeks, but look at those numbers over his last 400 times to the plate folks.  Get used to it, cuz it just won't get much better than that.  A little maybe, but not much.







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