AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 4

Week 4 Results

AZ SnakePit 8, Tucson Myth 1
Snake swept hitting, batting .337 and hammering 13 homers, with Phillips getting four and 8 RBI. Ordonez had three HR and drove in ten for Myth, but their only point came in wins; Weaver [W + 9 K] was their best pitcher, though both teams had ERAs above six.

Douchebaggery 2, The Fighting Amish 8
Douche's pitching were hosed by Liriano [0.2 IP, 6 ER], but would have been hard pushed to beat Amish, who had three wins, six saves and a 2.19 ERA and swept the board. Sherrill had three saves and a zero ERA. Fielder had three HR for Douche, but the team hit only .204.

dbacktom 1, SHUperMen 8
SHU got three homers from Ramirez and Giambi, and batted .322, falling one RBI short of taking everything at the plate; Crawford stole four bases too. tom's sole win came from saves [Rivera had two], but Maine had a W and 13 K's for SHU, who combined for a collective 1.08 WHIP.

7-2 Offsuiters 7, Blonde Streaks 2
Berkman [7 R, 4 HR, 12 RBI] powered 7-2's offense, with more homers than Blonde in total, though Nady drove in eight for them. On the mound, Jenks vultured up two W's for Blonde, gaining them a split but 7-2 dominated; Lee [W + 9 K] was the ace, Wilson notching three saves.

Adriano Rosario's 4, Wimboes Barmy Army 5
The week's only really-close game saw Wimboes grab victory, thanks to their holding on for a tie in HR. Hamilton [Adriano] had ten RBI and Suzuki stole three, giving them a hitting edge. But Wimboes roared back behind Wainwright [W + 12 K's] and Lyon [four saves] to win.

Crazy VIII's 6, Arizona Muugens 4
Muugens had a monstrous pitching week: seven wins, 63 K's and a 1.53 ERA, led by Wang [2 W, 14 K] and Webb [2 W, 13 K]. However Rodriguez's three saves for VIII stopped the pitching sweep and VIII took every hitting point, Encarnacion's six runs and two HR being crucial.

Kapsaicin Kids 2, Desert Storm BC 8
Ramirez [5 R, 8 RBI] helped Storm sweep at the plate, while Shields [2 W, 12 K] and Lidge [three saves] starred on the mound, in a comfortable victory. Kids hit only .224 with three HR, but did take WHIP and ERA, Soria [0.33/0.00] their best performance.

Shenanigans 2.0 3, Desert Dingleberries 7
Not a great hitting week, Shen and Dingle batting .237 and .244 respectively, but the latter got three homers from McLouth, and seven runs from Holliday to go 5-for-5 there. Pitching was closer: the teams combined for only three wins and one save, but Dingle did enough to hold on.

last place 6, Ignatius J. Rallies 4
last got eighr runs and seven RBI from Tejada on their way to a sweep of hitting, batting .313. Rallies fought back in pitching, Hernandez racking up 17 K's and Penny two wins. However, last took WHIP by 0.01 and have Bannister (6.2 IP, 4 H, 0 BB) to thank for the victory.

warlords 1 GregSchulteOverdrive 7
war's only point came from SB [Castillo had three]. Otherwise, Greg dominated, behind Ortiz [8 RBI] and the little-known Edinson Vólquez, who had two wins and 17 K's. Guthrie also reached double-figures for them in strikeouts, and Greg fanned 48 in total this week.


Rank   Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Week Waiver Moves
1.   The Fighting Amish 29-8-3 .763 - 8-2-0 3 16
2.   7-2 Offsuiters 21-12-7 .613 6 7-2-1 12 5
3.   warlords 20-14-6 .575 7.5 1-7-2 14 5
4.   Desert Storm BC 18-14-8 .550 8.5 8-2-0 18 7
5.   Arizona Muugens 20-16-4 .550 8.5 4-6-0 9 5
6.   SHUperMen 20-17-3 .538 9 8-1-1 6 1
7.   Douchebaggery 20-17-3 .538 9 2-8-0 20 10
8.   Crazy VIII's 20-18-2 .525 9.5 6-4-0 13 19
9.   AZ SnakePit 18-18-4 .500 10.5 8-1-1 16 5
10.   Desert Dingleberries 19-19-2 .500 10.5 7-3-0 19 13
11.   Wimboes Barmy Army 18-18-4 .500 10.5 5-4-1 8 13
12.   Shenanigans 2.0 17-18-5 .488 11 3-7-0 2 -
13.   GregSchulteOverdrive 17-20-3 .463 12 7-1-2 10 13
14.   last place 18-21-1 .463 12 6-4-0 17 27
15.   Adriano Rosario's 16-19-5 .463 12 4-5-1 15 16
16.   Kapsaicin Kids 17-20-3 .463 12 2-8-0 7 7
17.   Ignatius J. Rallies 16-21-3 .438 13 4-6-0 11 8
18.   dbacktom 16-21-3 .438 13 1-8-1 1 4
19.   Tucson Myth 11-25-4 .325 17.5 1-8-1 4 -
20.   Blonde Streaks 11-26-3 .313 18 2-7-1 5 4

Week 5 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. 7-2 Offsuiters
Douchebaggery vs. Tucson Myth
dbacktom vs. The Fighting Amish
Adriano Rosario's vs. Blonde Streaks
Crazy VIII's vs. Wimboes Barmy Army
Kapsaicin Kids vs. Arizona Muugens
Shenanigans 2.0 vs. Desert Storm BC
last place vs. Desert Dingleberries
warlords vs. Ignatius J. Rallies
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. SHUperMen

SnakePit vs. 7-2 is the ESPN game of the week - more by accident than anything, since it's the only one featuring two teams in the top half of the league. Snake's offense exploded last week, but is well-balanced, containing four players each with 6 HR. Their pitching will welcome the return of Matsuzaka, after his bout of 'flu. 7-2 have Lee and Lee as their core: four-game winner Cliff Lee on the mound, and Derrek Lee [7 HR, 21 RBI, 22 Runs] at the plate.

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