NL West is the best division. Your thoughts??

I've been keeping track of divisional win %'s for a few weeks. Now that interleague play has mostly come and gone, I think the numbers might mean a little more. I know that this is a pretty crude way of saying which division is better than any other division, so if you've got a better way, please do tell.

That having been said, the Divisions, ranked by overall Win/Loss:*

1. NL West: 190-166, .534
4 teams over .500, only div. w/ 3 teams of 40+ wins. Only NL division with even a winning record. Padres have surpassed Mets with best NL record, and our beloved D'backs are second in the NL. (And have the most wins with 42)

2. AL West: 148-135, .523
I think the other 3 AL West teams are helped big time by the fact that they get to play the awful (worst record in baseball) Rangers for 33% of their division games, while, for example, the NL West teams only get to play the Giants for 25% of division games.

3. AL Central: 178-174, .506
If playoffs began today, both the Indians and Tigers would be in. After their stellar records, only the Twins are playing .500+ ball.

4. AL East: 176-175, .501
Sox still have the best record in baseball at 46-25, which buoys this division. Yanks are now only a game over .500; everyone else is further down.

5. NL East: 178-182, .494
Mets have certainly come down since being the best team in the NL early in the season. Still, the Braves and Phils also have winning records.

6. NL Central: 194-232, .455
The NL Central is HORRIBLE. The Cardinals are 32-37, AND IN 2ND PLACE. Nice to see the usually-hapless Brew Crew doing well though. If the NL played by English Premier League Rules, then the Reds (28-45, .384) would be demoted to AAA, and the Sidewinders (Last year's AAA champs) would be promoted. Then again, I wouldn't put it past the 'Winders to win the NL Central.

* -All win/loss records current as of tonight's games

What do you think?

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